Story Time ~ 7/24/20

Story time.  “It’s Happening Again”

When my dad’s first wife died from a brain tumor, he became very depressed.  Her passing happened suddenly.  He became a young widower with six kids to raise on his own.  Once the people supporting him returned to their “normal” lives, he developed a practice to bring himself some semblance of peace.  He’d stop at her grave every day on his way home from work … to talk.  For weeks this went on. But as I mentioned, he had six kids to take care of …  to get home to … that reason propelled him forward.

When mom died, times were different.  He didn’t have anything to keep him in this world.  He couldn’t drive to the cemetery every day to have those conversations.  He was’t physically able or I think he would have.  Instead he became very depressed again.  He stopped showering.  He was barely eating.

Dad was able to muster the strength to go to Mass every morning.  Only a small group … less than 10 were in daily attendance.  The gang would go to breakfast after church.  In particular, he struck up a relationship with Irene.  In short order he began to shower again and look forward to the next day.  We got my dad back for eight more years.  They married when he was 82 years young :).  I credit her with saving his life.  She gave him companionship and a will to live.

Fast-forward to 2020.  My mother-in-law fell for the first time.  It was February and we could still go out.  We were at the Rosary of a dear friend’s mother.  I remember her being so embarrassed.  She blamed her tumble on the slope of the floor.

We’re in March.  We got the 2 am phone call for help twice in a row.  She went in for tests, they changed her medication.  She was back to her feisty old self.  This was temporary.

Marking the time.  The day was Monday 7/20/20.  Lulu and I were taking our walk.  As we passed the brush pile/rabbit hutch, we saw PoPo standing on his back porch.  He was looking toward our house to see if B’s truck was still there.  He told us “Mary fell again”.  Pony works from home so Lulu and I ran back to get him to help lift his Grandma back up.

She had split her lip and hurt her shoulder.  EMS came whisking her away … alone.  Thanks to Rona no one could go with her.  After head CT and shoulder X-Ray, they sent her home in a sling for her broken shoulder and a next day appointment with orthopedic surgeon.  The surgeon diagnosed setting the shoulder had a 75% chance of success.  But no surgery needed.  A blessing.

Lulu spent Tuesday night staying with her grandma while PoPo attended to getting her a wheelchair and other items suggested by the doctors.  Things sucked, she was in pain, but we thought Mary would be okay.  We were wrong.

As always, more to come.

Story Time ~ 7/23/20

Before getting into the details aka the deets, I chose the big ass feature image of a frog for a reason.  That frog was on our carport one evening and I took his picture for posterity.  I knew I could use him one day.  His time has come!!!!

There is an expression about having to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.  Well I fared better than that.  I found B when I was 12 and he was 13.  We started dating after  I graduated from high school; marrying when we were 19 and 20.  I can count on one hand how many frogs I’ve kissed. And by frogs, I mean boys.  lol.  So silly.  There is a point to this in here somewhere I promise.

Oh ya, the frog.  He represents storytelling.  The concept of kissing the frog that turns into a prince is gold when it comes to spinning a tale.  Not as good as stay gold Pony Boy but still good enough for moi.

I will keep my episodes 500 words or less.  I will try to stay in order but likely will jump around in time.  Stream is my thing after all.  Hehe.  Like I even have a thing.  LOL.

Alright, I am done for now.  Work is kicking my butt and I need to turn my attention to that for now.  See ya next time folks.

As always, more to come.

Story Time 7/21/20

I wrote this on FB last week.  Only reason I didn’t post it here is that I’m almost out of photo space.  Very silly but oh well.  I wrote this …

In the spirit of “if I to have to live here, I need to like it”. I dumped the mister’s junk drawer. I have no idea what half this shit is. LOL. In case anyone was wondering, I wasn’t really “living” here until I started working from home. Now that I am in self imposed stay at home because I can, I’m starting to spruce up the place. When I used to leave my house for work and other fun activities ya know basically living my life, I never noticed any of this shit. Step one organize 😂

The first picture was a jumble of odds and ends. Important stuff ……..especially the 19 allen wrenches that were part of the assembly kits for various products purchased over the years……… never know when you’re gonna need to used one of them. Two or three tape measures. A ruler.  A level.  Phillips head and flat head screw drivers.  Not the good stuff that is out in his barn.  The mini in-home versions.

The second picture was the finished organized drawer.

Whew!  Worn out but not to be out done, the next day we tackled Lulu’s closet.  She moved back home.  Earlier than expected.  Considering the times, she is likely to be here for a while.  That interview that never happened 3/27/20 has her spinning about never getting a job.  B very patiently tells her “it’ll happen, when it happens”.  Anyway, we needed to make space and spruce up the place since we are all always here on top of each other.   Except B.  He masks up and goes out on the job.

Day two we attacked her closet.  And in it, I found a treasure trove.  Those gems and more will be the basis for my stories.  Truth is stranger than fiction and what I write will  be embellished by my recollection.  A spin or a yarn if you will.  But NOT a lie … These tales will be my perception of events past.  And if one knows anything about perception, might as well be the god’s honest truth.

Super excited to stroll down memory lane.

As always, more to come.

Share Your World 🌍 7/20/20

Thanks Melanie for hosting! Here are the rules and ping back

Where Do You Not Mind Waiting?
Anywhere as long as I have reading material or headphones and music.

What Is In Your Fridge Right Now? (you’re not required to give a comprehensive list) Milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and condiments are staples. Plus a weeks worth of groceries for our meal plans.
If You Could Only Speak One Word Today, What Would It Be?
Kindness 🤗

Would You Rather Be Trapped In An Elevator Full Of Men With BO Or Three Soaked Dogs? (this is with the codicil that C-19 doesn’t exist) Three soaked dogs

An Attitude of Gratitude Families helping families in time of need.

Sunday Reflections ~ 7/19/20

Hello lovelies.  This past week was fantastic.  Let’s get right to it shall we?

Sunday 7/12 was singing along with some fabulous songs.  Everyone knocked it outta the park.  Jim is the most excellent host.  I did a twofer with Belinda and Billy … not a duet … their owns tunes.  Check it out here… bet you’ll sing along too.

Monday 7/13 was Haiku where I used the word tentacle.  Doesn’t that word just roll off the tongue.  I also shared my world.  Thanks to Melanie for hosting.  I feel like I should be paying her a participants fee.  Answering her questions has become a highlight of my week.

Tuesday 7/14 I wrote about a zany dream ripped from the headlines.  You’ll have to look here for a better explanation.

Wednesday 7/15 was Grandma TuTu’s heavenly birthday.  <3.  My one liner was corny as usual.

Thursday 7/16 was Hodge Podge

Friday 7/17 was #grateful

Saturday 7/18 was #SoCS with links and soaps.  I also met someone new through stream who inspired me to revamp my story time category on this blog.  More on that later.  Thank you Amari64!!  And thank you Linda G Hill for bringing folks together.

Whew!  All that blogging amid personal stuff.  Not bad personal stuff actually.  I’ve been noodling around with some ideas that are about to take flight.  Some good is coming out of COVID dare I speak the words good and Rona in the same sentence.  Blasphemy or heresy or both.  New normal is a term that irks me.  Nothing normal about any of this … stuff.  Whatever it is though (more time at home maybe or a big fat forced time out) has given me tremendous perspective.  Hoping your Rona daze does the same for you.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

#SLS for 7/19/20

Melody via Jim gives us Baking/Bread/Cake/Pie/Picnic.  This is hard since my first and only thought bubble for quite some time was “Cherry Pie” by Warrant.  Then I thought I might use a song by the band Bread until I decided I wanted a song with one of the prompt words in it.  As I proceeded to search, I came across this gem and it was 1973 all over again.  My brother and his friends listened to Budgie.  I didn’t what a breadfan was but I loved it!  Rock-n-Roll and a backyard full of boys playing basketball. Here we go without furhter ado …

Of course I had to google breadfan and wah-la to the wiki .

Bread as in moola, smackaroos, dinero.  Okay now I get it.  Better late than never.

(originally by Budgie) Writer(s): Bourge Anthony, Phillips Raymond Anthony

Breadfan, open up your mind, open up your purse,
Open up your bones, never, never gonna lose it.
Breadfan, take it all away, never give an inch,
Gotta make a mint, gotta make me a million.
Breadfan, you got it wrong, some long time friend’s
Gonna lose it in the end, who’s a fool.
Seagull, give it all away, stay a bird, stay a man,
Stay a ghost, stay what you wanna be.

Loser, give it all away, never stay with the winner,
With the man with all the filthy money.
Come on, keep it on the side, with a ride on a record,
On the top if you’re gonna be a bad boy.
Breadfan, you got it wrong, some long time friend’s
Gonna lose it in the end, who’s a fool.
Seagull, give it all away, stay a bird, stay a man,
Stay a ghost, stay what you wanna be.

Breadfan, open up your mind, open up your purse,
Open up your bones, never, never gonna lose it.
Breadfan, take it all away, never give an inch,
Gotta make a mint, gotta make me a million.
Breadfan, you got it wrong, some long time friend’s
Gonna lose it in the end, who’s a fool.
Seagull, give it all away, stay a bird, stay a man,
Stay a ghost, stay what you wanna be.

#SoCS for 7/18/20

Hello folks. Time to stream. Thanks Linda for hosting. Anyone who wants to join in to read or write works extraordinaire, follow this link to fun times.

Linda writes and I rewrite: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “link.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Done ✅. Lol 🥰. Link to join in was my opening. Which reminds me about link as in hyperlink. I use them daily at work. But I’m not at work so out damn thought. Maybe I’ll go the Linky link route which is also a hyperlink.

Stuck in a rut. Link …

I briefly remembered the soap opera “All My Children” because the main character Phoebe not Cates but last name something or other … exact name escapes me. Phoebe had a son named Lincoln who they called Link. However I’m pretty sure the spelling was Linc.

Silly to remember this but as a kid I wanted to name my son (if I ever had one) Lincoln. Surprise! It’s a boy. And that didn’t happen. B said absolutely not. He also nixed Caleb as being too unusual to fit with our last name. Which isn’t unusual necessarily. But our last name is recognizable and subject to some good natured teasing.

Tyler! That was Phoebe’s last name. Until she remarried and became a Wallingford. I sure don’t remember names like I used to. The links aka synapses don’t fire as easily as they used to.

Alrighty 🥰 #WDIIA. I’ve no idea except stream always happens on Saturday. Ha! It’s Saturday then. I’m up at the b’crack of dawn since I can’t sleep 😴. I have an appointment to get my flat tire fixed. I’ll be driving on a donut to get there. Wish me luck 🍀.

As always more to come.

#Grateful 7/17/20

Yesterday I got SURPRISE.  I already knew I worked for the best company ever and this act of kindness absolutely made my day and reaffirmed my belief.  I heard the door bell ring and heard the person scurry away ala ding dong ditch.  Did ya ever play that game?  Priceless.  Anyways, I brought in the box thinking it was the bluejeans we had ordered for B.  I placed the box unopened on the table.  When B got home, this happened:

Me: did you see your blue jeans on the table

Him: yea I saw them

As he brought the box to the bar and got out the scissors to break the seal

Him:  Hey this isn’t for me

Me: What is it then?

Him: I can’t tell without my glasses but they are not jeans.  I think it’s for you.

Aren’t we a pair?  He continued to unwrap the contents as Pony and Lulu joined him.

Cutting to the chase, they were cookies!!!  One dozen assorted from David’s Cookies … baking since 1979.  And six were oatmeal raisin! Which only I like.  Yeah buddy!!!!

The card read “Thank you for everything you do, every single day!  Stay safe, Your Leadership Team”.  The insert/packing slip had my name, address, and the words we are grateful for you.

Awwww saweet!  TGIF.  Hope you enjoy a wonderful Friday!!! #Free48

As always, more to come.