#SLS for 7/12/20

Happy Sunday folks.  Jim gives us the four elements Air/Earth/Fire/Water as prompts.  The best!!  Decisions, decisions, decisions as I have something for each one.  My mind took a side track to a cartoon of yesterday year that was 90’s gold.  Captain Planet and the Planeteers yea buddy !!!   But I’m back and I will narrow down my song down to one as I “talk it through” out loud but virtually so without a sound.  Oh my!  This isn’t stream.

  • Air – first though bubble was Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” Writer(s): Clive Davis, Graham Russell
  • Earth – well of course that’s Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” Writer(s): Nowels, Richard W, Shipley, Ellen
  • Fire – sticking with my man from last week Billy Joel and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”  Writer(s): Joel, William M
  • Water – that’s got to be the dynamic duo Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”  Writer(s): Simon. Paul

What do I do?  Last but not least?  We sang “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”  in Glee Club and also at church.  Not using Air Supply.  No reason.  Just not.  An outer or an inner … F.O.I.L. – wait that’s math …  Oh well, might have to draw from a hat.  Or close my eyes and point to the screen.  If you stuck with me this far, here you go.  You get a two-fer.  Lyrics within and the easiest to sing along with.  Hope you enjoy!!!

As always, more to come.



33 thoughts on “#SLS for 7/12/20

  1. What a wonderful list. I love “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. Belinda had a super good career after The Go-Gos. And I love the Billy Joel song. It can be perceived as nonsense, but it has great energy.

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  2. When I was over in Australia, Goldfinch played Belinda Carlisle to me. He was searching his very blokey music collection for music I would like. I definitely approved of Belinda Carlisle!

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