Story Time 7/21/20

I wrote this on FB last week.  Only reason I didn’t post it here is that I’m almost out of photo space.  Very silly but oh well.  I wrote this …

In the spirit of “if I to have to live here, I need to like it”. I dumped the mister’s junk drawer. I have no idea what half this shit is. LOL. In case anyone was wondering, I wasn’t really “living” here until I started working from home. Now that I am in self imposed stay at home because I can, I’m starting to spruce up the place. When I used to leave my house for work and other fun activities ya know basically living my life, I never noticed any of this shit. Step one organize 😂

The first picture was a jumble of odds and ends. Important stuff ……..especially the 19 allen wrenches that were part of the assembly kits for various products purchased over the years……… never know when you’re gonna need to used one of them. Two or three tape measures. A ruler.  A level.  Phillips head and flat head screw drivers.  Not the good stuff that is out in his barn.  The mini in-home versions.

The second picture was the finished organized drawer.

Whew!  Worn out but not to be out done, the next day we tackled Lulu’s closet.  She moved back home.  Earlier than expected.  Considering the times, she is likely to be here for a while.  That interview that never happened 3/27/20 has her spinning about never getting a job.  B very patiently tells her “it’ll happen, when it happens”.  Anyway, we needed to make space and spruce up the place since we are all always here on top of each other.   Except B.  He masks up and goes out on the job.

Day two we attacked her closet.  And in it, I found a treasure trove.  Those gems and more will be the basis for my stories.  Truth is stranger than fiction and what I write will  be embellished by my recollection.  A spin or a yarn if you will.  But NOT a lie … These tales will be my perception of events past.  And if one knows anything about perception, might as well be the god’s honest truth.

Super excited to stroll down memory lane.

As always, more to come.