Thursday Hodge Podge

Hey folks.  I feel the need to ramble a bit.  One good thing that has come from the Rona is my continued good attitude.  Mind you it is not constant because that is not humanly possible but more often than not, I can shake it off.  Like water off a duck’s back baby.

I used to hate that expression.  Was used in my limited sports career.  Ball in the face … shake it off.  Kicked in shin … shake it off.  Well you effing shake it off would ya?  Maybe we, the humans, should power through the pain.  Embrace what hurts and not shake it off.  Reminiscent of  fake it until you make it.  Wait! No faking aloud.  Feel the pain and experience growth.

What is she blabbering on about?  Even she has no idea.  Some stuff happened this week that gives me serious perspective.  This is not a reflection, this is my Hodge Podge as I think of it list:

  • I just learned a co-owner has a 13 month old who has been in the hospital 9 months out of her short little life.  Mamma has been working remotely from a hospital waiting room.  Perspective.
  • Family friend’s brother wasn’t feeling well.  They ran a blood test last week.  Monday he found out he has liver, stomach, and brain cancer.  Another relative of theirs just passed away from stomach cancer this year.  Perspective.
  • WD nursing home where my disabled brother GP lives has the first cases of Rona.  He doesn’t have it but building 400, where they kept that covid-bitch out of since March finally has four people.  I am told he is not one of them and all patients are no longer allowed to leave their rooms. Perspective.

Me after hearing the above:  Well that’s not a problem right?  I mean I was told that he’ll never walk again.

Nurse:  Oh no honey, he figured out how to maneuver his wheel chair.  In fact, we’re having a hard time keeping him in his room.  He wheels on out to the nurses station several times a day.

Me: no words but felt a giggle bubbling up.  That scoundrel.  He is managing to survive despite what those horrible people did to him.  I have never written about his captivity except in innuendo.  I may have a short story in me one day.

Happy Thursday!!!  Only two more days to #free48.  Make your day the best day ever 🙂

As always, more to come.