#SoCS for 7/4/20 ~ “Toss”

Yeah buddy!  Happy Independence Day!!  Rona has us all locked in though truth be told we quit going out to celebrate years ago.  The homebody Dub clan.  I’d like to think if this is ever over we’ll live life a little larger while we have the chance.  Know what I mean?  Quit waiting for someday.

Linda gives us another good one.  Quick and easy. She writes and I re-write:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “toss.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Hmmm.  Think, think, and think …

T.O.S.S. Acrostic





Now what?  Slinging hash?  I got nothing.  That was a watermelon pitch if I ever saw one.  Is that the right expression for a pitch that is easy to hit?  A watermelon?  No time to stop to research.  Per the rules, minimal planning.  Yeah, I’m the proverbial rule follower.  It’s a curse dammit.  I should be a rule breaker/heartbreaker/love taker don’t ya mess around with me.  Now that’s much better.  Toss all the rigidity right out the window. Thanks for the ear worm Pat Benatar.

And with that, I am FIN.  For now.  Going to grill some burgers, eat some watermelon all icy cold, maybe have a cocktail or two.  Especially since Taco Cabana now sells Dr. Pepper margaritas (along with 12 other new flavors) in the drive through we’ve decided to partake.  Yeah buddy.  lol

To join in the downside up, upside down here are the rules and ping back.