#1linerWeds. 8/26/20

Thanks Linda for hosting!! Jilly is back with the corny. When I saw this meme I almost spit my drink out. LOL. So easily amused. By surprise it sort of looks like lawn maker. Coincidence means good luck for us 🙂

Picture of farmer in the field with needle in a haystack. Not meaning to break the suspense of figuring out this gem. Added the text in case this block editor thing converts the picture to a big blank space. Yep that’s still happening but I am determined to crack the code.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 8/19/20

Today I am skipping the corny. I attend a virtual retirement ceremony on Friday 8/14/20. A change of guard in the Air Force which included the outgoing Chief and the incoming replacement. Before it all started, the speaker said …

There is no such thing as a bad short speech.

Think about it. Short and sweet gets em every time. Saying what needs to be said as succinctly as possible is an art. An art I obviously have not mastered. Wink, wink.

If I can ever again figure out how to rename the ping back I will. Oh the horrors of block editor that I did not ask for. Who moved my cheese? LOL and HAPPY Wednesday.

As always, more to come.


#1linerWeds. 8/5/20

Rules and Ping Back if you’d like to join in.   My short answer to Linda is I may never look at social media again. LOL. 

I found this gem in my English journal from freshman year of high school. Entry #34.

Ba-dum-tis. Lol 😂

For the life of me, not sure 🤔 why the following was okay 👌🏽

Or this

I also wrote about our annual church picnic where when it was nearing the end, we left with Joe to go buy more beer since the kegs were floating. 🙄 🤦‍♀️ Me … 1/2 a beer Jill is lucky to be alive 😇.  And who allows their child to drink at a church picnic?  It was the 70s man.  Groovy.

As always more to come.