1linerWeds. 12/11/19

Back to TV land today. I’m really enjoying The Moody’s Christmas. It is a three night event, two episodes per night. Without further ado some good lines:

Sean Jr: This! This is unconscionable. And what no breakfast?

Sean Sr: You can get your own place you know.

Sean Jr: Don’t play chicken with me old man I’m your mostly likely caregiver

As always more to come.


1linerWeds. 12/4/19

I’m reading a book 📖 that’s completely irreverent. I probably won’t review this gem 💎 because people may judge me unfavorably. I have tons of snort worthy laugh 🤭 out loud quotes too. Shame I can’t share. I know I really shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Personally I believe censorship is the devil’s 👿 work. Not really. I’m being a queen 👑 comma drama.

All this blathering to say I’m back on from TV 📺 quotes. Two from American Housewife follow:

It’s from the Greatest Showman … where for some reason Wolverine starts a circus 🎪 ~ Tripp

It’s so confusing… Are you baseball or are you soccer? Come on kickball make up your mind. ~ Franklin

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#1linerWeds. 11/27/19

Well I am reading again. After several disappointing book club selections the last one was even worse. LOL 😆 So I went rogue and made my own selection. My TBR queue is burgeoning but I won’t buy so waiting on library availability is a drag. This gem is an off the shelf filler … “Dangerous When Wet a memoir” by Jamie Brickhouse.

He hails from Texas which means he’s automatic kin. The colloquiums are off the charts and I’m laughing while remembering strong women from my past. Talkers each one. Back when a telephone conversation was an art form. Finally to the one liner. How do you say goodbye? Here’s how we do it in Texas …

Well, … let me let you go

As always more to come.

Rules and Ping Back http://lindaghill.com/2019/11/27/one-liner-wednesday-im-gonna-make-it/

#1linerWeds. 11/13/19

I can relate to poked and prodded. I can also hang with being under the weather and growing older. But the combo that now requires me to write down when I took what pill is what’s unsettling. Yep I made a list. Yep I can’t spell. Yep I’m taking more than the recommended ibuprofen. Doc says I can take 4 of the little brown ones. Overnight I sure did. Dose two was only upped by one.

Now onto the one liner …

Powerful enough to flush a bucket of golf balls !

Wonder who’s on the marketing team of American Standard? Their slogan worked with B. Just one more thing to go wrong with our plumbing. At least this was an easy DIY fix.

Rules and Ping Back http://lindaghill.com/2019/11/13/one-liner-wednesday-poked-prodded-polished-and-snowed-on/

#1linerWeds. 11/6/19

I overheard this liner yesterday. One thing about being back at the mothership is the “variety”.

I’m in the bathroom so you’re going to hear me flush.

We all heard her conversation which could’ve waited. She came bounding out of the stall. Phone attached to her right ear. I am a borderline germaphobe already. So gross.