#1linerWeds. 8/21/19

Wherever you go …there you are

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Deep “stuff” people.  I am sure I’ve borrowed this a time or two.  Very appropriate for my current situation.

Happy #1linerWeds.


#1linerWeds. 8/14/19

 ‘The Martian’ By Andy Weir

'The Martian' By Andy Weir


How’s that for the best opening line ever!!!

Not me y’all … I’m not … you know …

That person who is “you know” is Andy Weir or his character anyways.  I refused to watch this movie.  The trailer alone gave me anxiety.

Happy Wednesday!

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#1linerWeds. 7/31/19 Part Two

This morning I attended the 2nd annual diversity and inclusion summit at the company for which I work.  After a really inspiring opening, our first speaker took things up a notch.  The theme was be yourself.

Don’t let anyone put you in a box.  I don’t fit in a box.  I’m a triangle; my sides stick out.

Cheers to all the triangles out there.  You know who you are!  Go forth and shine!!!

Rules and Ping Back

#1linerWeds. 7/24/19

I was using a TV theme.  Then I switched to a from books theme.  Today I’m using the radio for fodder.

First a little departure before the one liner.  A backstory … because what does a good one liner need?  Well an explanation of course.

I quit paying for satellite radio.  I refuse to pay for air!  Instead I listen to 102.7 Jack FM.

Somehow the infotainment center in my car was bugging out on my way home from work yesterday.  I lost reception completely which required me to switched to AM temporarily.  That’s how I stumbled across the commercial which became today’s funny.

Ouch, I hurt my hammy or was that my quaddy?

Courtesy of Tom Bodett, Motel 6. 

We’ll leave the light on for you.

At the time I heard the above, I was stuck in traffic for days.  A regular parking lot y’all.  The music makes sucky traffic all better and for some reason, this one liner tickled the heck outta me.  I laughed and then I cried.

To be fair, the tears were from listening to Rachel Plattens Fight Song.   Which aired immediately after the commercial.  I suggested this song for my friend’s playlist which she used while recuperating from the Whipple.  Not a made up Grey’s Anatomy thing.  That surgery is real.  But sadly a higher power had other plans.

Rest in Peace my dear sweet friend gone too soon.  Cat Rea!!!!!! I miss you immensely.

As always, more to come.

Rules and Ping Back

#1linerWeds. 7/17/19

❤ when a book starts with the acknowledgements. #grateful. Right out of the gate I read this gem:

This one is for all of us who’ve cried when looking in the mirror. Here’s to never doing that again.

Not relatable to everyone but definitely strikes a chord with me. All my women role models have been larger in life. Inside and out. Society judges – lazy, no willpower, weak, failure, <insert another inappropriate adjective of choice>.  Eff that!! The message in Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins is clear – LOVE YOURSELF!

Rules and Ping Back

As always more to come.