Friday Fun-day! 7/3/20

Alexander Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaassss.  By the time you read this post I will have seen the #Hamilfilm at least once.  No I’m not setting an alarm to wake up at 3 am ET but I will watch it before 7 am CT right after our walk which we’ve been doing for five weeks now.  Squirrel!  I keep asking Lulu what week are we on?  Four or five?  She confirms we complete five on Saturday.  We’ve fallen into a rhythm.  Good stuff.

Back to #Hamilfilm, I’m super excited.  I saw the show live at the Majestic in May of 2019.  The touring cast did them proud.  Still there is something extra special  about seeing the originals. Swoon.  I am diverting my attention from all that is wrong right now and diving in deep to the escapism that is musical theater.  I hope we don’t break the Internet.  Of course  I’ll report back if we do.  If I can that is … cuz ya know … a broken Internet would end the world as we know it.

Hope your day is a Friday Fun-day too!!!!!

Stay safe out there.

As always, more to come.