#Grateful 7/17/20

Yesterday I got SURPRISE.  I already knew I worked for the best company ever and this act of kindness absolutely made my day and reaffirmed my belief.  I heard the door bell ring and heard the person scurry away ala ding dong ditch.  Did ya ever play that game?  Priceless.  Anyways, I brought in the box thinking it was the bluejeans we had ordered for B.  I placed the box unopened on the table.  When B got home, this happened:

Me: did you see your blue jeans on the table

Him: yea I saw them

As he brought the box to the bar and got out the scissors to break the seal

Him:  Hey this isn’t for me

Me: What is it then?

Him: I can’t tell without my glasses but they are not jeans.  I think it’s for you.

Aren’t we a pair?  He continued to unwrap the contents as Pony and Lulu joined him.

Cutting to the chase, they were cookies!!!  One dozen assorted from David’s Cookies … baking since 1979.  And six were oatmeal raisin! Which only I like.  Yeah buddy!!!!

The card read “Thank you for everything you do, every single day!  Stay safe, Your Leadership Team”.  The insert/packing slip had my name, address, and the words we are grateful for you.

Awwww saweet!  TGIF.  Hope you enjoy a wonderful Friday!!! #Free48

As always, more to come.