Friday Reflections ~ 7/10/20

Today isn’t a full weeks’ reflection.  Instead I am contemplating over a diversity and inclusion educational course that I took at work. Notice I didn’t say training.  That distinction becomes important later.

Dr. Steve Robbins, is awesome.  I know when responding during a recent #SYW to what I thought about motivational speakers, my answer was a bit blase.  For shame, I eat this stuff up.  For me, the rah, rah cheerleader stuff works!  Not everyone’s cuppa.  Lulu for example cannot stand this kind of learning.  Visceral reaction from her.  It’s why she does not do well with CBT.

Back to topic, he spoke at my company in 2019 and the powers that be had the good foresight to record him.  Now in 2020, we can watch the one hour 20 minute presentation to earn healthy points.  I am psyched.  Many lessons packed into that relatively short span.  Here are some paraphrased pearls of wisdom, each attributed to the man, the myth, the legend that is Dr. Steve Robbins:

  • Training on unconscious bias is a waste of time.  Uh duh, when you leave, you go right back to unconsciousness.
  • Instead when you leave, one must practice to begin a skill.
  • As with anything, to be good at something, one has to practice.  Reading and watching videos are not enough.
  • There is a difference between an educational workshop and a training workshop.  Or put another way, would you rather have your child receive sex education or sex training?
  • We should flip it to inclusion and diversity not diversity and inclusion.
  • Both are valuable of course but without inclusion FIRST adding diversity makes matters worse.
  • Can you imagine a homogeneous group that doesn’t get along?
  • I can.  I’ve been part of such a dysfunctional group.  One where I felt I did not belong.
  • Our brains are hardwired to belong.

And with that I will quit pontificating.  That’s my new favorite word.  Preach!

As always, more to come.