Ed, Two Bills, and a Jeff

This is a work of fiction or the addled mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty.  Last night I had a dream.  When I woke up briefly mid sequence, I was sure as all shootin’ that this … whatever this might be was happening.

Picture it …  Sicily … 19something

Wait – go away golden girl

Seriously, picture it.  Texas 5A size high school during a passing period.  Social distance how?

5A Texas High School during passing period
Social Distance How?

I had seen this picture floating around FB for a few days.  I read comments by former friends aka acquaintances from high school as they argued over whether or not the next school year should begin on schedule.  I didn’t join in the fray since I have no skin in the game or dog in this fight or any other of a variety of euphemisms that apply.

Did I just misuse euphemism?  Problly.  Did I just misspell probably?  I did.  See I could not teach anyone.  Thank goodness I won’t have to since my kids are grown.  Lulu just went out with a bang (or maybe a whimper) finishing her Senior year of college online.

In my dream, I was in a crowded football stadium.  I was walking up a ramp to find my seat all masked up.  People were crying and yelling, sometimes both.  My favorite teacher (named John Quinton fictional dream name; I know no one by that name) was walking by me field level and I screamed “It’ll be okay Mr. Quinton!!  You’re a helluva teacher!!  Yes sir!  A HELUVA teacher !! ”

During this part of the dream was when I work up all rattled.  I’m telling you what.  I couldn’t do it.  I know my limitations.  I could never home school my children successfully.  We’d end up on the evening news.  Of course I have mellowed with age but had this happened when Lulu and Pony were say in 2nd grade and high school junior?  <shudder>

This entire suck ass situation that the Rona has caused makes me sad.  When I think of the littles trapped in their respective homes when for some, going to school was their only outlet, something dies inside me.  Just a little bit.  Melodramatic Jilly strikes again.

Now to lighten the mood if even possible.  The teacher character of my dream was the one and only Ed Begley Jr. aka Rudy of Bless this Mess.  That show is hilarious.  I will miss it if we never have another season which might be the reality.  Rona is a bitch.  Don’t go back there!!  TV doesn’t matter for heaven’s sake!  Has COVID taught you nothing?!?!?

I mention when I woke up I was in my dream screaming.  Felt real.  My mind wandered to others for the role of teacher to include Bill Paxton (may he Rest in Peace), or Bill Pullman, or maybe Jeff  Daniels??  Some age appropriate crush.  I’d have to get the best one to take the role.  You see, teachers are heroes.  Uh ya they are!!

As always, more to come.