#Grateful 7/17/20

Yesterday I got SURPRISE.  I already knew I worked for the best company ever and this act of kindness absolutely made my day and reaffirmed my belief.  I heard the door bell ring and heard the person scurry away ala ding dong ditch.  Did ya ever play that game?  Priceless.  Anyways, I brought in the box thinking it was the bluejeans we had ordered for B.  I placed the box unopened on the table.  When B got home, this happened:

Me: did you see your blue jeans on the table

Him: yea I saw them

As he brought the box to the bar and got out the scissors to break the seal

Him:  Hey this isn’t for me

Me: What is it then?

Him: I can’t tell without my glasses but they are not jeans.  I think it’s for you.

Aren’t we a pair?  He continued to unwrap the contents as Pony and Lulu joined him.

Cutting to the chase, they were cookies!!!  One dozen assorted from David’s Cookies … baking since 1979.  And six were oatmeal raisin! Which only I like.  Yeah buddy!!!!

The card read “Thank you for everything you do, every single day!  Stay safe, Your Leadership Team”.  The insert/packing slip had my name, address, and the words we are grateful for you.

Awwww saweet!  TGIF.  Hope you enjoy a wonderful Friday!!! #Free48

As always, more to come.



16 thoughts on “#Grateful 7/17/20

    1. It was really so uplifting. We all got our deliveries within about an hour. So then the IMs started flying. We were one big community again like it used to be when we were in the office. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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