#SoCS for 7/18/20

Hello folks. Time to stream. Thanks Linda for hosting. Anyone who wants to join in to read or write works extraordinaire, follow this link to fun times.

Linda writes and I rewrite: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “link.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Done ✅. Lol 🥰. Link to join in was my opening. Which reminds me about link as in hyperlink. I use them daily at work. But I’m not at work so out damn thought. Maybe I’ll go the Linky link route which is also a hyperlink.

Stuck in a rut. Link …

I briefly remembered the soap opera “All My Children” because the main character Phoebe not Cates but last name something or other … exact name escapes me. Phoebe had a son named Lincoln who they called Link. However I’m pretty sure the spelling was Linc.

Silly to remember this but as a kid I wanted to name my son (if I ever had one) Lincoln. Surprise! It’s a boy. And that didn’t happen. B said absolutely not. He also nixed Caleb as being too unusual to fit with our last name. Which isn’t unusual necessarily. But our last name is recognizable and subject to some good natured teasing.

Tyler! That was Phoebe’s last name. Until she remarried and became a Wallingford. I sure don’t remember names like I used to. The links aka synapses don’t fire as easily as they used to.

Alrighty 🥰 #WDIIA. I’ve no idea except stream always happens on Saturday. Ha! It’s Saturday then. I’m up at the b’crack of dawn since I can’t sleep 😴. I have an appointment to get my flat tire fixed. I’ll be driving on a donut to get there. Wish me luck 🍀.

As always more to come.