#SoCS for September 9, 2017 ~ Motive

Here are the Rules and Ping Back.

Thank you Linda.  For reading this,  jump on in!  The water’s fine.

Screech!!!  How’s that for onomatopoeia. Lol!

Wait! Rules, who said anything about rules?  I read them once or twice before. There are 8 … I think … the last one is have fun.  Now that is an excellent rule.  Fun is my second favorite F word.  Trite and overused but that’s moi.  Lol!  Did I say I was overused?  Uh Oh, now that paints a loose goosey picture.

Hmmmm, have I paid attention?  I am the extreme rule follower.  I am a don’t rock the boat baby 1970s era rocker.  I must have read those stinkin’ rules.  I just do not need to look anymore because they are committed to memory.  Right?  Say right.

I wonder if my #SoCS posts look too polished.  Pfttt!  No.  Here like with all my posts, I just purge.  Typos (which may be corrected) are often missed during a rapid fire rant.

Last week someone mentioned they could not add a clip as that was against the rules.  I have added links and clips to #SoCS but I don’t plan.  If a thought pops, I may use Mr. Google but I don’t research.  I grab first example I see and continue with my flow.  I think I must kick Mr. Google to the curb.  He and Ms. Wikipedia can go grab a nice cold one. But I will still use pics on my camera roll.  I have to break the monotony of my monotone somehow.

Still with me?  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s prompt is MOTIVE. How absolutely uncanny because MOTIVE fits with what’s happening at  work right now.  Things sort of suck aka blow chunks.  I am getting spun up over issues that I thought I put behind me.  I am easily offended as this feels personal.  I am borderline paranoid. If rule allowed <Insert a Ozzy/Black Sabbath Paranoid video)>.  I ❤ that song!!!

Everyone has MOTIVES but do they always have to be ulterior MOTIVES? No. No they don’t. Some people are clueless and others are fucking stupid.

I need to assess the situation and decide exactly what it is that MOTIVATES me.  I have been saying this repetitively all week … I can be right or I can be happy.  I cannot be both as the two and mutually exclusive.  There are some that will fight me on this concept but test it out for yourself.  Be Honest while trying “I can be right or I can be happy” on for size.

In no particular order … THIS is what MOTIVATES me:

  • Appreciation – I would not work for free but I will work like a pack mule for you if you show me some appreciation.
  • Acknowledgment – actually that goes hand in hand with appreciation.  Say thank you once in a while (appreciate) and acknowledge the hard work and effort.
  • Being right. Doh!  No I hate being right because when I am right,  I am unhappy.

Better said, I do pin my self-worth on my intelligence.  After all, growing up, I was the smart one and CM was the pretty one.  I will never be pretty and she will never be … Okay … to be fair … she is smart just not as smart as moi.

Funny how adults tag you as being a certain way and then you become that certain way even if it is against your nature to be that way in the first place.  Almost 53 years later, I am still trying to please people while my own wishes go by the wayside. I hope I did not do that to my kids but alas, sweet Lulu is already showing signs of my perfectionist expectations.

And that is all because I am crying.  I broke myself.  Stress kills y’all, truly it does.  I am OVER this.  Time to put up or shut up.


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