Part 2 ~ Origin

What caused the invisible illness?  Was the origin due to a perfect storm of genetics … a lottery of sorts or external factors.  My non professional opinion is a combination of both.  My heart wishes for a diagnostic test and who knows maybe one day we’ll get one.

Until then, you play the hand you’re dealt.

The bullying began in earnest in 6th grade.  She’d had her cousin and partner in crime, her automatic friend with her until then.  Same district but different addresses separated them that 6th grade year. Without her protector, things went south.

I’m not sure what drew the mean girls to her.  She was a shy easy target.  We didn’t know the true extent of what was happening.  Master of hiding.  When she’d share what little she did, we’d offer advice.  She begged us not to intervene so we didn’t.

Instead the whole year we told her to rise above.  To power through.  To ignore her tormentors.  She did.  As best she could.  Until she couldn’t.  In 7th grade, we moved her to private school.

As always more to come.