Word of the Day

Definition of palaver

  1. a :  a long parley usually between persons of different cultures or levels of sophistication a palaver between foreign ministers

    b :  conference, discussion a palaver between union leaders

  2. a :  idle talk Cut the palaver and get down to business.

    b¬†:¬† misleading or beguiling speech¬†Don’t get taken in by the candidate’s¬†palaver.

Brought to you courtesy of a word I read in Gwendy’s Button Box a novella written by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar.

Movies I Want To See

The previews before the Hitman’s Bodyguard gave me a good idea of what to see next. ¬†This Saturday 9/9/17, we’re all set to see IT. ¬†After that, who knows? ¬†But for sure, I am adding the following to my list:

  1. Jumanji remake РAptly title Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle.  At first I was like oh hell no.  HELL, HELL no!  Robin did it best.  But this appears to have a different take.  After seeing the previews, I am in.
  2. Kingsman: The Golden Circle. ¬†I never saw the first Kingsman all the way through, just parts as it came on TV. ¬†I liked the little bits I saw. ¬†This one has Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges in addition to Colin Firth. ¬†Hubba, hubba. And a strong female like Halle Berry, what is not to potentially love? ¬†Don’t let me down sequel, but of course I guess I have to see the original first.
  3. Death Wish and this preview is when B groaned. ¬†Another remake? No originality. ¬† After the preview I asked him if the story line was the same. ¬†I seem to remember Charles Bronson avenging just his family’s death. ¬†B assures me this is the same story. ¬†I will watch it though because of Mr. Yippee Ki Yay Willis as the new Charlie B ¬†– action hero archetype, be still my beating heart. ¬†I am certain he will save the day!!!!
  4. Justice League – Move over Affleck, Enter Gal Gadot!!! Because Ben Affleck as Batman does nothing for me. ¬†And Jeremy Irons as Alfred will take some getting used to … Jeremy might always be Humbert Humbert to me :(. ¬†And whoever this new Aquaman is … sign … me … up! to watch this action thriller. ¬†DC vs. Marvel and in this instance, DC may almost stand a chance.

So many movies, so little time. Lol!  As always, more to come.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard

No spoilers, just high level observations.

In my humble opinion, this was a good movie. Stellar …not exactly … but good … action packed! Solid performances by Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. ¬†Supporting work was good too. ¬†I mean c’mon when is Gary Oldman not the most excellent bad guy? ¬†In fact, has mister Oldman ever played a good guy? ¬†If so, not as good as he does evil. ¬†And here he is country dictator sort of wicked. And his right hand man Ivan, I was rooting for Ivan to die. ¬†In real life, I could never get away with that. ¬†The movies allow me to escape and I surely did need that!

Even in this violent movie, I found life lessons. ¬†Beliefs. ¬†People seeing themselves one way or another … perceptions baby. ¬†It is all about perception. ¬†After the movie has been out awhile, I might come back and lay down some direct quotes and you’ll get what I mean.

The planner to every nth detail … that’s me. ¬†Let’s just say I need a character like Darius in my life to help me live a little. ¬†And I would be remiss if I did not mention the comedic deadpan delivery of Mr. Reynolds. ¬†He was sarcastic and appealing in his tight little suit. ¬†Suffice it to say, you should see this movie specifically for his scene at the outdoor bar. ¬†Well that and a killer soundtrack.

On a base level, I knew I was not supposed to be laughing. ¬†Really, not appropriate to laugh but I could not help myself. You see, the affable Mr. Jackson why he’s a hitman with a heart of gold. ¬†He loves his wife and that is a beautiful thing to see.

Not sure exactly what my rating methodology will be for this category.  Too soon to tell. For a simplicity, I say B+.  The critics know nothing.

As always, more to come.

I Spruced Up The Place Again

I organized my categories as my list has grown considerably. ¬†In making these minor tweaks, I wonder what will happen to my posts that no longer have a tag. ¬†But alas, it bugged me that the categories did not always fit. ¬†For example, instead of scenes that move me, I am using the more generic what are you watching on TV. ¬†This category can include a variety of things – moving, funny, happy, … you get the drift. ¬†I also added a movie review category and a word of the day category that I will start using ASAP ūüôā

I am still on the fence about changing my theme as I do not want to lose anything.  I need to be convinced I will not have to go back to square one and begin again.  That appears to be the case but if you know me by now, my anxiety causes me to second guess EVERYTHING!  Ugh!  Somebody top me.

As always, more to come.

Remember in September ‚Äď A Daily Post for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Post #4

Sharing … the more you know

My Loud Whispers of Hope

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Every day in the month of September I will post something related to suicide to increase awareness, educate and prevent suicide. It may be some important facts, an educational video, a music video, other videos, quotes, stories and anything to increase awareness, educate and give hope to everyone who has suicidal thoughts, suicidal ideations or is a survivor of a friend or family member that died by suicide.

I must confess that this first week in September will be difficult for me to make a great post a day. I am working today and my son is getting married on Friday, September 8th. I will be very busy getting my house ready, finishing up on shopping, preparations and family coming to visit. Also, it is the first day of school on Tuesday, September 5th for my youngest daughter. It is her last first…

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Raising Hope

I resisted watching Raising Hope when the show first came out. The premise sounded ridiculous to me.  I assumed it’d be along the lines of My Name Is Earl.  Same creator one Greg Garcia.  Three is a charm.  Hope is his third sitcom.  His first was Yes Dear and then the aforementioned Earl.  

We watched Yes Dear which was ok.  Then I was forced to sit through many an Earl episode since B liked that one.  I was usually left thinking what in the hell? And not in a good way with.  

Now we’ve taken to watching re-runs of Hope on FXX.  Hilarious!   Virginia and Burt Chance are relatable.  Cloris (the legend) Leachman as Maw Maw … enough said.  Jimmy and Sabrina and of course little Hope fill the bill. 

For as outlandish as each episode can be, the themes underneath are universal.  Family first at the core. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. 

As always more to come.