Yummy !!!!

I’m watching triple D. The San Antonio episode. La Panaderia.  Aired 9/22/17.  

B: what are you doing taking picture of the TV?

Me: showcasing our home town and this wonderful story of the brother’s bakery. 

B: why don’t you walk down there tomorrow, make a movie 🎥 and don’t forget to bring a concha back for me. 🤣

Me: You mean tequila almond croissant 🥐 baby!

#1 seller.  I will vouch for the taste.  Super yummy!!!


For all my readers friends … and you are legion … take a look – buy the books. It’s for a good cause.

I’ve been thinking for quite some time about making my book, The Magician’s Curse, available for free for a limited time. It hasn’t sold a copy in over a month (mostly because I haven’t been advertising it), so I thought it would be a good way to jump-start some interest, and gain a few fans who will want to buy the next book.


Sitting up here in Ontario, Canada, safe from hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, fires, and volcanoes, I feel blessed. Yet my heart bleeds for those who are suffering and have been for far too long. I want to give. I want to do more than just sit here and feel bad about it all. But I have no money to give; I have no time to give.

With much deep thought and consideration, I’ve come up with a hopeful solution. From now until the end of October, all…

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My Million Dollar Kitties

If you’re looking for smut, move along.  Lol!  Just kidding.

Wait, what do you mean J-Dub?  There is smut ahead?  Nope, just musing and rambling.

Taking pictures is one of my most favorite things, along with reading, writing, and generally observing.  Yesterday the conversation went something like this:

Pony: Mother, are you using your phone to take pictures of my personal belongings?

Me: Maybe.

Pony: I am not signing a release and why are you doing that?

B: Oh, she does that now; she takes pictures with her damn phone … of everything.  Everywhere … even at HEB.  For her blog mostly.

Pony: You’re still blogging?  Hmmm.  One day maybe I will take a look.

Me: You should, but fair warning, you’ll find out I am crazy.

(Side bar to the convo – don’t be all hating my word choice.  I kind of like using the term crazy.  Smash the stigma.  Plus I am only speaking about me.  In this case, I mean crazy … like a fox! And that my friends is a good thing)

Pony: Find out? I already know.  Oh and by the way, I charge for animal pictures.  I need the money.  Did I tell you what happened with the cats? They cost us a bunch recently.

Me: No, what happened?

Pony: The apartment complex management found out about the cats.  They charged us the pet deposit and then retroactively for two years we’ve lived here.  $2600 and $100 more a month going forward.

B: Why didn’t you tell them you just got the cats?  How would they know otherwise?

Pony (chuckles): What? You wanted us to lie? Maybe say we were going to tell you … Hmmm, I guess we should have done that but naw.

B: I don’t want you to lie but you were kind of doing that already anyway.

Pony: Oh well, we got caught, gotta pay the piper don’t we?  Tom-tom the piper’s son stole a pig and away he run.  You know like you guys taught me … the nursery rhyme and to take responsibility!

Later that day I overheard them talking … finally an idea for what to get her … a “real” camera … for either Christmas or her birthday. Me I am thinking any camera money needs to go toward paying off the credit card used to save my million dollar grand kitties.

Noctural on the left and Hallows Baby Kitty on the right.
They look like twins but they aren’t.
Which is why I am forever asking … which one is she??????


How to not get anything done

With all the work to fix B’s laptop, I decided to get a flash drive and take all my photos off our old desktop PC.  One never knows when the hard drive might just go poof!  After an iCloud back-up that is because I am twitching at the thought of deleting.  I am uber afraid that I will lose these memories.  Of course I can’t lose them, they are forever emblazoned in my mind.  Uh right?  Not lately!  Squirrel.  Any hoo, I digress.  This stroll down memory lane looking at pics before I move and/or otherwise store them is wunderbar!!  Time is doing that funny thing again.  Blink and hours have elapsed.  Trippy man.

I feel guilty.  Ok, not really.  But and it’s a big BUT (again?  aww c’mon, that’s worn out, just stop already).  I’ll zip it.  Any hoo part 2.  B is already outside working and I’ve got the inside again.  I already did some cleaning Friday night though and I am simultaneously washing clothes so that has to count for something.

As always, more to come.

*Featured photo from 2012.  Once a year they humor me.  This was Lulu’s 15th birthday.

What Would Anne Think Of My Mints and Peas

B: What did you say?

Me: What do you think Anne would think of my mints and peas?

B: You mean mise en place?

Me: Sounds like mints and peas but yep 🙂

B: Not too shabby

And the Anne we speak of is Anne Burrell of course.  Worst Cooks in America and other cooking shows fame.  The breakfast of champions – made to order omelets.  I can already tell it is going to be a good day!!!