Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt Birth/Berth

For Fred … yes it can be done – in this case a deer giving birth in a berth. I laughed out loud when I read this

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Stream of Consciousness

It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again and this weeks prompt is Birth/Berth. Linda Hill says we can use one or the other or both. If you would like to have fun with us, please visit Linda’s blog and read all about it. Here is the link.

Birth/Berth by John W. Howell © 2017

“Tell me again. What is your emergency.”

“I’m stuck in the upper berth on a boat, and a deer is giving birth in the lower berth.”

“Okay maybe it has been a long day, but there are a lot of birth words in your statement. Let’s break it down. You are stuck in the upper berth of a boat?”

“Yes. I can’t move.”

“Thank you. Where is the boat?”

“It is berthed in the marina.”

“Of course it is. What is the name of the boat?”

“Birth of the Blues.”

“Why am I not surprised. Tell…

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I Have Decided

  1. September is my favorite month, followed by October then February (except for that pesky Valentines bullshit, February has got it going on)
  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson is my favorite poet and we could all learn a thing or two from Ralphie-poo
  3. Schaeffer Skimmers Book Club is my new favorite pastime
  4. I am not going to open Lulu’s door and check the inside knob for the six lanyards hanging there … because I am sure they still are … hanging there … even after multiple reminders to grab one

I mean what’s the worst thing that can happen?  She has to buy another lanyard … with her own money … because the money tree is out of leaves until Thursday.

And for the second time in two days one of my kids has insinuated that I am cheap.  To which I think – No, I am thrifty.  There is a diff peeps, there really is a difference.

The two unrelated convos went something like this …


Lulu: Mom, did you see my text?  for Hurricane Harvey donations

Me: I’ll look now

All I see is an advertisement for a James Avery charm 100% of proceeds to the hurricane relief and limited free shipping

Me continued:  the heart of TX charm?  That’s cute.  Are you going to buy it?

Lulu: Uh, me?

Me: Well it is for YOU.  Another just because?  We talked about this.  You have a stipend; you need to use your money. Budget.  See if you have enough if you really want the charm.

Lulu: You act like you’re poor.  I’m sure you can afford $40.

Me: Perhaps, but I am making blessing bags.  I do not want a charm.

Stony silence ensued with a refusal to even hug me goodnight


Me: My Kindle is sucking battery like crazy

Pony: Because it’s old, you know you can pick up a paperwhite for $50 bucks

Me: Why would I do that, this one is fine

Pony: Except for short battery life; it’s not like you can’t afford a newer one

When you were raised by two very conservative lived through the depression era parents, you adopt their ways.  Waste not want not and all that good stuff.  Yet my two. Oy Vey! Sacrebleu.

I have decided to live a little.  Very hard for me because I feel super guilty about my good fortune.  My “why me Lord?” is not woeful but more of a really “are you sure it’s me Lord?”

But as was pointed out in my fantastic CBT earlier this week, my good fortune does NOT mean I stole someone else’s share.  We don’t know the reasons why some people have more good fortune than others.  We may never know.  The question becomes, how do want to live our lives?  For me, this means that I have some decisions to make … which started with making those blessing bags.  And finished with me believing that I have no reason to feel guilty.  Yep! I may just get that Kindle paperwhite after all.  I have decided!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for September 2, 2017 ~ Birth/Berth

Time once again to get this party started.  Here are the Rules and Ping Back  C’mon on in the water is fine. You know you REALLY want to join us.  Thanks Linda for another good prompt: birth and/or berth.  Happy Birthday to her son and all the other 9/2 babies 🙂

Birth first – easy right?  

That part is just nature taking its course.  But, and it’s a big but, there are exceptions.  Infertility for example.  My kids are 9 1/2 years part and that was not by choice but rather by chance; temporary struggles to conceive.  The original plan was to have two kids two years or three years apart and then mark our family complete. Turns out the man upstairs had other plans.  More on that later, in another post maybe?

Little did I know, that the real work … the hardest part of being a parent begins AFTER they are born. Oh those little balls of clay ready for moulding, those blank slates ready to be written in superfluous script, those wonderous miracles of life … Those babies are living, breathing bundles of joy who will insert their free will just as soon as they figure stuff out. Too bad controller Jill, you do not get to decide their fate just because you gave birth to them.

Berth second – hard right?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – I still miss you Johns ~ Candy and Hughes.

Actually more like trains and ships.  Both have berths. Uncomfortable sleeping quarters.  Like tombs.  Even the sound of berth … rhymes with earth … terra dark … rough.  No other thoughts come to mind for berth other than maybe giving someone wide berth.

 Picture this a titanic size ship avoid the iceberg dead ahead!!!!  

My Daddy's Ship
Ahoy Matey

This thought hits close to home.  I am the USS Copahee in the picture above and Lulu is the iceberg.  We have been giving each other wide berth.  Trying not to meddle.  Letting my little chick-a-dee fly.  Hoping I do not leave such a giant space that she goes away for good.  Say it with me “J-Dub is QUEEN comma drama”

I know better.  Of course she will come back home … one day … to visit …

Until then, have you ever seen anyone THIS HAPPY?!??!?  The passenger seat is open for me after all (now that her stuff has been sufficiently stuffed) but Pony is taking my place. That makes my heart full ❤

FullSizeRender (14)

We’ve come quite a distance dear ones if you’ll followed this stream.  The drip is now forming.

In closing, I believe there is a kernel of truth in the expression “You can’t go home again”. Even when you can’t feel the shift, change is occurring.  Like it or not (and I rather love change even while I protest too much).  When/if you do go home again, things will never be quite the same. And “SAME” just like “NORMAL” and “PERFECTION” are overrated.

As always, more to come.