Why Did You Do That? Part 3

We took the tires to our boy and then followed him to a mom & pop tire shop. After that we grabbed a quick bite to eat.  We still had time before IT so we detoured to Lowes to get a replacement chainsaw blade.  Me I cannot even get through the door.  There is a table set up outside and the cutest little boy scouts are there. Very polite!

Ma’am, would you like to support our pack?

B continues on to get the chainsaw blade.

Me, I peruse the goods.  And of course I purchase.  How could anyone say no to those little smoosh faces.


B: Why’d you get that and how much was it?

Me: Because I wanted to and it doesn’t matter, its’ a donation.

B: If it was more than $5 you were robbed.

He has no idea I paid $20.  The smaller bags were only $10 but I wanted to spring for the extra big bag with cashews, almonds and pecans.  I know I paid more than $1 an ounce.  I told him it was all mine then since he thought my buying these pseudo cracker jacks was silly.  And of course, they never are worth the price.  Still I’m a sucker.

After our long day, we get home and I had some of MY snack.  Only caramel corn.  No nuts!  I was robbed but by the company making these snacks.  Just now, I went back to get a little more and well wouldn’t you know it, B stole the goodies from the goodie jar.  Good thing I share.

As always, more to come.


4 thoughts on “Why Did You Do That? Part 3

  1. I’m right behind you, they see me coming. It’s like kids know, she will buy anything we hand her. One of you smile, one of you look pitiful, yep we got her 😉 When I worked ALL the staff would send there kids to my office. But I’m like you it’s a donation. If we got the big store stuff, yes it would be cheaper BUT who does that help (but me) in the long run. I like helping the kids :):):)

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