Falling Apart While Keeping It Together

Ha! What an oxymoron.

Tis’ true though.

Things are a jumbled mess but good but not but oh well.

This morning I got my oil changed and my tires rotated.  I also quickly spent the last of my b-day cash on three shirts and jeggings while waiting on the vehicle.  Time will spent keeping it together.

Then I drive back home to get my guys so we can replace the desktop.  The first Best Buy was out of stock despite what was online so we moved along to a different Best Buy on the other side of town.  In and out.

Before coming back here, Pony who was driving decided to make a quick stop at Game Stop.  He used to work at this particular store but that’s not why he stopped.  Nope, he “needed” a game.

I decided to walk laps while waiting and Mr. B, well he sat in the truck.  As I am looping around, up and down, all ambling the sidewalk, I spy a mom and her son headed for the Game Stop.  We almost collided and said some quick pardon  me’s.   I took one more lap before going in to check the status of Pony.  He was about three back in line at checkout.

The mom and son were looking at the games on the wall.  Talking about which one.  Happy.  You could feel their energy.  And me?  Well I had to leave. 

Outside I started crying.  You see not all that long ago, I was that mom and the son was my Pony.  I know they have to grow up but damn.  I miss my sweet little boy.  When we got back in the vehicle the convo went something like this …

B: what’s wrong? 

Me: Nothing. 

Pony: No idea (looking at B)

B: Something 

Me: Nothing

B: Why are you crying?

So I tell them.  Because you know.  Gotta get it out of my system.  I am an emotional mess.  They both know this.

Me: Don’t look at me

Then we grabbed lunch.  Came back here. Unpacked my new desktop. Pony took off for greener pastures.  Boo hoo.

Nice to be all set up again.  The phone and iPad were getting harder to handle.  Guess I’m old school.  I have the same old monitor which is fine.  New mouse though and new keyboard which came with the tower.  Sweet since who doesn’t love a new mouse??  Plus my old keyboard had letters missing that were worn clean off from typing all my diatribes.

Whew I need a nap.

As always, more to come.

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