#JusJoJan 01/16/20

Thanks to Linda for once again hosting our #JusJoJan extravaganza.  Today’s prompt is “experience” courtesy of Dan @nofacilities.  Check out his blog.  I know from experience you’ll be glad you did!!

So many ideas are percolating for this prompt yet so little time.  Darn it day job for getting in my way.  Lunch is my only time.  Guess I’ll go from the gut and use my spidey senses to jot something out there quickly from experience.  Fair warning this post could be more scattered than usual.

Or not.

Short and sweet.

I am a culmination of my experiences.  Some beautiful, some horrific, some so-so but overall I wouldn’t change a thing.  If asked would I? I sure would make the same choices all over again.  Why?  Because every experience has made me the person I am now in this moment.  Finally after 55 years on this planet, I am becoming comfortable with being me.

To experience the delight of #JusJoJan, follow this link .  Happy Thursday y’all!!!