#JusJoJan 01/13/20

The lovely Willow  provides the prompt “subscribe” which Linda added to the list.  Thank you both!  For anyone who wishes to subscribe to today’s version of #JusJoJan, please follow this link.

Whew! Thank goodness it is Monday!!

Wait! What?  No one cares for Monday.

Well maybe if you are retired.

Generally speaking, Monday is the end of #Free48 for us 9 to 5’ers.  Not be be confused with the San Francisco 49er’s who won yesterday.  Since I subscribe to my team by the color of their uniforms, I am a little bummed the Vikings lost.  They wear purple right?  Or is that the Ravens?

Oooohh Edgar Allan Poe! Now there is a reason to like a team.  I still wish Minnesota would’ve won because I like it when a team beats the odds.  That is my public service football announcement.  Let’s move along.  

I subscribe to a belief that nice guys and gals do not always have to finish last.  Sometimes the underdog triumphs.  Memba David?   Oh my wordy.  What are you doing?  Go back to Monday and tell the fine folks why you’re so happy that today is not Friday!

The reason I am glad it is Monday is because today is ALSO the 13th.  I don’t subscribe to superstitions but (and it’s a BIG superstitious BUT) there is bad ju-ju on Friday the 13th.   So say the people!   If we have to have a 13th day of the month, best be any other day.  Am I right?

Nope!  you’re wrong Jilly Willy.  What other wild notions do you subscribe to?

Hmmm, well best not to say and/or you really don’t want to know.  You’ll scare off anyone who made it this far reading your blarney.

And that’s all she jotted, for now.  See ya on the flip side. Ten/four good buddies.

As always, more to come.