#JusJoJan 01/17/20

The prompt “jade” comes to us from MB courtesy of Linda G Hill’s #JusJoJan for 01/17/20.  I keep wanting to write 19!  Oh well.  Jade.  Thanks MB!  Awesome choice.

Think, think, and think!!!

My first thought was Brooke Shields.  Why?  She played a character named Jade in Endless Love.   I can’t recall if Blue Lagoon was before or after Endless Love  but both movies were controversial.  I saw both back in the day and promptly forgot the plots.  I only remember they caused a hub-bub.  Well that and Pretty Baby.  

I have to wonder if by today’s standards, there’d be the same attention.  Likely not.  And I have no plans to re-watch any of the three films above to find out.  Though thanks to technology, I could likely find them easily.  But I won’t.  Okay Jilly!  Move along.

Jade the mineral has metaphysical properties.  Supposedly.  I know people may look at me sideways when I go into crystal mode.  Think “Man in the Moon” Jim Carrey portrayal of Andy Kaufman.  He sought alternative treatment with crystals and unfortunately still passed away at the very young age of 35.

Now I’m not saying crystals can cure cancer when I say they have healing properties.  But I do believe jade and the like have healing properties all the same.  Even if that is just emotional relief.  Besides I am becoming desperate.   Willing to try anything.  Next thing you know I will be selling you a bill of goods on essential oils aromatherapy.  LOL 🙂

If anything, jade is pretty.  I like pretty things.  Look at this pretty kitty with jade eyes.  Now if that doesn’t lower your blood pressure, well don’t know what will.


Now for our musical interlude.

As always, more to come.