#JusJoJan 01/28/20

I still keep wanting to write 2019.  Doh!  Oh well, let’s get this party started.

Thank Barbara for the prompt of television.  What a great prompt!  Everyone needs to check out her blog!  You’ll be glad you did.  And thanks to Linda for hosting us once again.

I (raise your right hand) Jilly Dub do solemnly swear that I am addicted to TV.  I am of a generation before cable, satellite, etc…  The first TV of my memory was only black & white.  It had rabbit ears and foil on the antenna.  It went off the air overnight always ending with the playing of the National Anthem.  Of course I wasn’t allowed to stay up that late.  Only every one and a while did I see the final salute.  Usually when my parents went out to the 1970’s version of clubbing.  Which was to go dancing at the Martinez Social Club.

Ah the good ole days.  Only 4 channels when you count PBS.  We watched as a family and dad was dictator to program choice.  We were his remote control.  What fun times we had when he finally got a real remote control.  Flipping stations.  Oooohhhhhh.  Delightful.  Often times right in the middle of a show.  “Hey, I was watching that” with response of “Hey, it’s MY TV”.  Good thing we liked much of what he liked.

Anyway work is calling me again.  This stroll down memory lane was fun!  Almost as fun as actually watching TV.

As always, more to come.