#JusJoJan 01/24/20

I still keep wanting to write 2019.  Make it stop!  LOL.

The prompt today is change.  Thanks Wendy!  Check out her blog.  You’ll be glad you did.  Thanks Linda for hosting!

Change, the only thing in life that’s inevitable.  Or wait!  Is that death or taxes that are inevitable?  Maybe the word I am looking for is constant.  Yep!  The only constant in life is change.  Change and Hope a fickle “you know what” are my companions on this journey of life.

I really dislike the workplace buzz words.  If I have to go on another “journey”, I’m gonna jump off the curb.  My co-worker and I help each other keep from curb jumping.  I usually equate change with my work life but change is all around us.  Just like LOVE.  Love is all around MTM!  Yep I am so frazzled after a crazy zany work week in which our CEO retired and the new boss took over.  It’s a Friday and I am just now closing shop for the day after being online since 7:30 AM.  That’s why this is all I got.

As always, more to come.