Musings on NYD 2020

I’m on my iPad. Where I don’t have my ram emoticon. So today I will be musing instead of rambling. Such fun! I’m also making up acronyms. If New Year’s Eve can be NYE, then New Year’s Day can be NYD.

Get it? Got it! Good. Lol.

I’m not liking my iPad … for blogging anyway. I love it for everything else it does for me. Like getting two new free Kindle books in January … woo to the hoo. 

I’m deflecting and projecting while trying to take my mind off Thursday. I found a new doctor. Yay me! My first appointment is tomorrow. Which is Thursday. Geez I’m a genius.

I have it on good authority he’s not a pill pusher. Maybe I’ll get a clear diagnosis. One can surely hope. Or not. Because what would I have to piss and moan about if I was well.

B claims it’s all part of aging. He’s probably right. I’ve been searching for relief for a decade. I remember distinctly because I had just got the job I coveted. January 2010. I went to a Saturday appointment so I didn’t have to take off work.

The symptoms have gotten progressively worse as one by one things were ruled out. Sounds like sciatica but it wasn’t. Test after test revealed things but … always a but … things that shouldn’t hurt you in the way you describe. Small cysts that come in go. A small hernia. Might be gerd. The whole brittle bone thing. Lower left hip pain. Numbness in my left leg. Sciatica again? Nope ruled out. Stomach pain from Hades. You name it. I’ve had it.

Not debilitating because I’m powering through. I can count on one hand days out sick in the last 10 years. Two bouts of flu and one strep throat. Yep! Only three. I didn’t even miss a day when I broke my left arm. It happened on a Saturday! I’m right handed with a desk job. I worked! And my doctor who is now concierge was helping me through it. Or humoring me.

I’m pretty sure the new guy will think I’m off my rocker. Because I am. Ugh. Calgon take me away.

Getting these crazy things out of my head helps y’all. Makes me realize life could be worse. Things are pretty good in the light of day. We’re here making egg rolls from scratch having passed on a open house. I felt guilty for a second or two. We should be more neighborly. I think if I keep declining invites, they’ll quit inviting. I’ll end up all alone. Oh well. Nothing personal but if I don’t wanna, I’m not gonna.

As always more to come.