Easily Amused

I got a new book Saturday. I mentioned to B that I expect him to be around while I’m reading because the book is very scary. So much so that it’s says to read it with the lights on. In typical B fashion he asks me “well how else are you supposed to read it? In the dark?” Cracked me right up. Yep I’ll be reading in the dark. Duh 🙄

Proof this is part of the liner …

I’m not scared … yet.

As always more to come.

The Over Thinker Has Become Spontaneous

Yesterday I ran errands.  Planned activities.  Spontaneity was the last thing on my mind.

First, up RX disposal.  We usually miss out since we are technically outside the city but this time the RX proper disposal drive was for all Bexar county residents.

Second, I went to Marshall’s to return two of four items.  A pretty good 50/50 since the two pieces I kept are my current favorites.  I did laps around the strip center until I got a hinkey vibe.  Don’t judge me but when I heard then saw two guys about to throw down at the bus stop, I high tailed outta there.

Third, Home Depot to return an extra set of hoses for our dishwasher.  Only $9.99 which explains why they sat on the counter for 11 months.  No receipt.  No expectation of refund.  Wanted in-store credit for plants purchase.  Epic fail since even though she found my receipt in the system, the computer would not allow her to give me credit.  After the umpteenth time of her saying, “you know you bought this almost a year ago”, I gave up saying “just keep it” as I walked off … into the garden center and back.  Thought better of it.  Asked for my paid for hose kit back.  I mean we could spring a leak?!?!

Fourth, Target to return an air filter for the A/C we had before this one.  Way more than a year old.  Still in original packing.  No receipt.  Expecting they’d be like Home Depot but nope.  Target with ID will give a gift card.  I took it.  All $12.98 plus tax of it.

I bought black boots on clearance for only $17.98 plus tax. Or $5 and some change in my funny math brain.  These replaced the boots I loved that fell apart.  Not truly trashed like most of my shoes but the heel cap popped off on one side.  I was slip sliding dangerously around each time I wore them.  I almost considered looking for a heel cap to cobble my own shoe but alas do they even make shoe parts any more?

Fifth, library to return three books which I didn’t finish.  Shocker I know!  I’m a “must finish” girl until lately.  The whole I’m 55 and if I don’t wanna …  These books were very personal memoirs.  Triggering.  Too real, gritty, raw.  My former therapist would be proud.  Apparently I’m supposed to read only trashy beach novels.  Not!   I picked up “Imaginary Friend” which I’m warned to read with lights on.

Almost home, Jules Hair Salon has their walk-ins welcome flag blowing in the breeze.  I’d heard good things on the Neighborhood app so I stopped taking a chance.  I’m growing out my gray.  It’s pretty shaggy.  The color I can hang with, the split ends/frizz not so much.  Spur of the moment and wah-la.  Then today, not to be outdone, I discovered European hard wax. Beats American soft wax hands down.  I’m now a friend for life. LOL. Until that day when I spring for laser hair removal.

#JusJoJan 01/26/20

Thanks for the prompt Saumya.  Take a look at the randomnessedinked blog. You’ll be glad you did.  Also, thanks Linda for hosting.  Today we have …

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 26th, 2020, is “busy.” Use the word “busy” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I immediately thought of Frosty the Snowman.  Here’s why …

Grainy copy but still gets the idea out of my head.

I have been a busy beaver of late.  Getting in my steps.  This weekend I accomplished more than lounging, reading, and basically being a hermit which was what my weekends  had become without the kidlet.  She is back at school and I am bound and determined to not go back to the way things were when she was gone.

I have life to live ya know?  Busy Busy Busy!  The good kind of busy which makes for a life well lived.  NOT the stressed out busy.  At double nickle something clicked.  If I don’t wanna, I’m not gonna.  The busy that once consumed me with expectations of  “I have to” are gone.  Whew!  Better late than never.

And with that, toodle loo.  Have a Wonderful Sunday.

As always, more to come.