#JusJoJan 01/07/20

Twofer Tuesday is on hiatus for January since I’m Just Jot January-ing it. Yes I made January into a verb. Today’s prompt of mix is bought to us by John Holton @ http://thesoundofonehandtyping.com. If you’d like to reminisce and learn a new thing or two, visits his space.

Then to mix it up with the other #JusJoJan participants, follow this link. http://lindaghill.com/2020/01/07/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-7th-2020/

Mix! I’ve always enjoyed mixing it up. Baking that is! Or cooking in general. I’ve found from scratch without a mix is usually better. I used to make French Toast on weekends. I’d sing as I cooked.

First you crack an egg

Then you mix it all up

Melt a little butter

In a frying pan

Then you take the bread out

And dip it in the egg wash

I think I took a Golden Girls episode and mixed my own lyrics into the song. Both kids remember me singing this song to them. Awwww cue nostalgic memories.

I don’t cook often any more though. Somewhere along the way B and I switched places. We mixed it up.

In 1988, after Pony was born, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. We couldn’t afford it. Though the compromise was working part-time 9 to 2. Weekends and evenings free. Back then, the kitchen was my domain.

In 1999, I took a night shift. Still part-time but odd hours. My kitchen duties decreased. Three nights a week, I left for work at 4 pm. Supper was all on B those nights. Then in 2003, my option was full-time day shift or nothing. I took the deal but it was a steep learning curb.

I had my days and nights mixed up. I couldn’t function well. The idea of putting a meal together did me in. I’d lost my mojo. Turns out B had mastered supper time anyway and he enjoyed cooking. Even more than I did. He got home by 4 pm and me? I didn’t get off until 5 pm plus I had at least a one hour commute most days. He just kept on cooking. Mixing it up. And the rest is history.

As always more to come.