Three Boxes Full

As I wrote the title: Three Boxes Full I’m reminded of a nursery rhyme. See if you can guess which one and then let me know because I forget 😂

Three shoe boxes filled with toiletries and ready for donation. Part of the Spring Break 2018 stay-cation.

As always more to come.



Piles of paper surrounded her. This was her junk room. The place where she hoarded her thoughts along with daily activities too overwhelming to complete.

Somehow she managed the minimum to keep the wolves at bay as Uncle Bubie would have said. Mainly she pulled through life slowly like pouring molasses. Her messy space pulling her further into an abyss.

Discipline. She needed discipline. She’d talk herself well. Get up! Organize your thoughts. Organize these papers. Get going. Live your life.

As always more to come.