J-Dub’s Review of Stranger Things Season 3

*** No spoilers ***

I had already seen Stranger Things seasons one and two but B had not seen any of the episodes.  He lives under a rock more than I do. He was reluctant to join us at first but then Lulu convinced him otherwise.  We binged the first two seasons over the long 4th of July weekend.  I nice refresher for me.  Then we went right into binge season three. We finished up on Sunday July 14th.  That’s right 25 episodes (8, 9, 8) in 10 or so days.  We have no lives.  And it was hot as Hades outside or so is my excuse to be a slug lounging in front of the TV for days.  Now I am left waiting for something good to fill the void.

Three was the best season yet y’all.  I love everything about this show.  The characters are real to me.  My neighborhood had that same small town feel.  1980’s baby.  Such a fantastic job with set design, wardrobe, and all those film making terms I know nothing about.  I was dropped back in time to a point in my life that would be considered the tail end of my formative years.

Funny thing is that I usually don’t care for science fiction.  Dystopian yes … think Solent Green or Hunger Games but sci-fi not so much.    However the campy feel to this show made me ignore how unrealistic is the premise.  Yet for a moment, as we watched the action, my heart was pounding; I had goosebumps on the back of my neck and I thought …  holy hell … but what if?

If you’ve seen the show and would like to discuss, drop me a line in the comments.  I’ve read many of the articles.  I even called the Murray voice mail 618-625-8313.  lol.

As always, more to come.




The Grill Challenge

Lulu: He said “damn” (referring to Gordon as he cut Noah’s steak)

Lulu (continued): That could be a good damn or a bad damn

Cut to commercial.

We’re Loving Master Chef.

Baby Micah is knocking it outta the park.

Sarah may have had her recipe featured but he’s still my favorite.

As always more to come.

Master Chef 5/29/19

New for season 10. The 19 year old from Grand Rapids MI gets the battle card from Gordon. He’ll cook off against whoever Joe and Aaron give their cards to. Street kid with a single tear running down his cheek started the waterworks for me. His family said “if you try out, don’t come home.” They’re completely against his wanting a career in the culinary arts. Here’s hoping he won’t need a place to go. Battle on!

As always more to come.

Master Chef Junior

I love this show. Those kids are amazing. Reid accidentally burned himself. Medics treated right away. Then Reid says he’s going back out there.

Jaala knocks it outta the park and she’s can’t even taste her scallops.

And now Aaron might go home. I love that kid. When Gordon asked him how’d you do? He replied middle or toward the bottom. Some adults can’t admit or accept that kind of feedback.

He should stay for his honesty. Of course I don’t want any of them to go home.

As always more to come.

All That Glitters

The #SoCS prompt was rib which generated a couple of Adam and Eve entries. These entries got me thinking about a theme song. I remembered bits and pieces of the words but the name of the show and song escaped me. Here’s what I knew for sure:

  • I was injured in a motorcycle accident during Battle of Flowers weekend of my 6th grade year (this is important because it helped me time stamp what I was looking for).
  • I missed several days of school.
  • Because I was convalescing my parents let me have the TV in my room.
  • I had my nights and days mixed up and I would stay up very late.
  • The show came on after Mary Hartman Mary Hartman.
  • The show was controversial. I remember vividly being anxious that I’d get caught and be in big trouble for watching it. Same with “Soap” but I watched it too.

Then wah la. “All That Glitters” popped into my head. Norman Lear pushing the envelope. Anyone else recall this gem?


Blasphemy but go on and listen anyway.

One morning the Lord she woke up to say I feel like I wanna be creative today

So by a virtue of the power I have invested in me

I make the heaven the earth and the deep blue sea

Things that swim, fly, walk, fly, creep and crawl

Now I better make someone to name them all

Yes human was needed in the neighborhood

So the lord made woman and it was good

She said the Garden of Eden is no place to be alone

And from the rib of a Madame came Adam full grown

As time went by these two went right

They followed the instructions and multiplied

She’d hunt

He’d cook

She worked

He played

While she administered the government he crocheted

She wore the male

He wore the veil

Her head was crowned

His feet were bound

He’d concubine and walk behind

She was a pardon the expression a mastermind

So is it any wonder why the men complain since from the dawn of time it’s been a woman’s domain

Weird how our minds work.

As always, more to come.

B’s Lucky He Didn’t End Up On Dateline

I enjoy watching Dateline or any show of the true crime variety.  Doing so helps me escape even if only for the briefest moments.  My friend who told me to watch Lifetime so I could cry with explanation, also enjoys these shows.  I think her favorite is Snapped.

I cannot stand Live PD though.  B watches it when there is nothing else on.  More often than not that is EVERY weekend.  To me, that’s too much truth.  I’d rather the writers sanitize the story for consumption.  Live and in person is too personal.  People at their weakest moments.  That’s not entertainment to me.

B went to our place in the hills today.  He wanted to me go along but I just couldn’t.  You see we may have to sell it and by staying away, it’ll make the loss less so.  Or so I tell myself anyway.  Truth be told, I needed another “me” day.  So soon you ask?  Yes so soon.

I am in my head too much and not sleeping and self-care was what the doctor ordered.  I woke up on my time without an alarm.  I organized my stuff and got the grocery shopping done.  I am headed back out for free stuff and to fill up my car.  Checking items off my list is priceless.

B just called to check in.  He likes to drop bombs on me.  The conversation went something like this:

B: Hey, did you go to the store already?

Me: Yes I got everything except the potatoes.  They were bad again.  I’ll go back later in the week.

B: Well I got side tracked this morning.

Me: Side tracked how? What’s wrong? (Thought bubble a wreck or worse, just spit it out already)

B: I was about 20 miles outside Rock Springs and I saw a man and his daughter walking down the road.  They flagged me down and I stopped for them.

B continued:  their truck had broken down on their place and luckily I had the jump starter kit with me.  (Last time my battery died, he got two kits, one for each of us.  While I have zero idea how to use it, I too have the same kit in my trunk.  Me? I would have called 911 to report two stranded motorists on RRDS 674 instead of stopping).

Me: Your drove complete strangers back to their truck?  Really?  You’re lucky you didn’t end up on a show like Dateline.

B:  Jill the girl was maybe 13/14 years old.  I wasn’t going to leave them.  I didn’t make my usual stop in Kerrville.    Don’t you see?  I was meant to be there. 

The rest of the conversation was about what he still needed to do and when thought he’d be home.  He’s a good guy y’all.  Lucky in lots of respects.  Hoping the stars align and send some self-employment juju his way.

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/21/19 – Echo

#JusJoJan in da house.  Woo to the Hoo.  Lady Lee prompted us with echo.

Click here to find her last Just Jot it January post.  

Hi Lady Lee!!!!!!!!!  And thanks Linda for hosting.

As kids, we love to yell from high on the hilltop and see if our voiced echoed.  I guess we were never up high enough but I do not recall every hearing the reverberating sounds of Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello … except from my brother standing next to me saying those words in an echo like voice.

For some weird reason the movie line “in space, no one can hear you scream” is on a loop in my brain.  I wonder if things echo in space?  I wonder if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?  Perception is everything y’all.  Very trippy.

My picture of the Super Blood Wolf Moon from last night was very blurry.  In my defense, it was cold and I heard wolves howling.  I had just seen “The Passage” and I thought they were going to eat me. Hubba, hubba Mark-Paul Gosselaar. But he is not a wolf!

And, … well, … Okay I did not hear wolves.  I heard my grand-pups.  Anyway, I took the out of focus shot and ran back inside. This morning the moon was still out in full force and stopped twice in two different parking lots to get these.  Oh and once at a red light.  Shame, shame on me.

And that’s all she wrote.  For this … I am going to try and get my Haiku on.

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