Thursday Thoughts ~ 5/25/23

I changed my featured image for this Thursday’s regularly scheduled post. I’m no longer a shadow, I’m a real girl even with my back turned to you. I was looking at a mermaid when Lulu snapped this picture. Nope not a “real” mermaid but a mermaid mosaiculture at the SA Botanical Gardens. The current exhibition Imaginary Worlds ~ Once Upon A Time ~ is fantastic!!!!!!

Here’s the mermaid I’m talking about … so y’all know I haven’t lost it completely.

I’m overthinking as usual but I want this post to be stand alone happy. She’s a siren & a savior. Meant to be viewed from all sides, at least that’s was the placard says. I may see a mermaid in WA? Again, not a “real” mermaid. This isn’t Fantasy Island. Ha-ha. For those TV viewers, IYKYK.

As always, more to come.

B is for Beat Around the Bush ~ 4/3/23


To talk about unimportant things because you’re avoiding a particular topic.

I have perfected this act of beating around the bush which is also a little passive aggressive if I do tell on myself. I’m the proverbial people pleaser joker who cannot stand conflict. What better way to avoid conflict than to beat around the bush? Am I right?

Uh no!

I’ll tell ya what! A better way is to face that sH!t head on people!!

Our song choice today is not about beating around the bush but instead a song by Kate Bush that had its’ resurgence thanks to the Stranger Things Netflix series. HERE is the wiki with details about the song. And you’re welcome. Ha-ha.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 7/27/22

Another from Bob’s Burgers. This requires a backstory. Another family trip from hell. The family is taking a snake 🐍 back to some sanctuary. Their guide is riding along with them. The convo went something like this …

Bob: Are we almost there?

Guide: Yes! We’re 10 minutes away …. Uh from it being another hour & 1/2 until we get there!!

Bob’s Burgers 🍔

Now that’s funny 😁 (or not). Speaking as someone who took a ton of road trips growing up, this was very relatable.

Rules and Ping Back

As always more to come.

Friday Tunes ~ 7/8/22

What does a Bambi feature image have to do with Friday Tunes? Nothing. The answer is nothing. LOL. I just happen to love this gif or meme or whatever the proper term for the Grrrr. I have discovered Instagram because of Ms. Marvel and the scene that made me snort laugh. It’s not SnapChat auntie, it’s Insta! I watched so many videos … reels I think they’re called & the musical accompaniments are really clever. So finally that is why this post is called Friday tunes. Enjoy !!

As always more to come.

Phoning a Friend ~ 6/17/22

Hey all you techie types. Howdy!! I’m trying to share my WordPress posts to Instagram & cannot figure out how. Maybe I can’t? But I used to see a button with all the other social media sites where I could set sharing up. My posts automatically fly out to Twitter (I forget how I did that) and previously did same on FB until the rat bastards blocked me because I was reported as violating community standards with my wit and sarcasm. I mean come the eff on, haiku is not controversial. Anyhow, can you help a girl out?

Why link to Insta you ask? Well you have to watch Ms. Marvel on Disney+ Oh so good. New episodes each Wednesday. In a scene, a group is praying in a Mosque. Two younger girls are snapping selfies instead of paying attention. An older lady grabs their phones, “no Snap chatting allowed in here!!!” They were both like “awww give us our phones back! It wasn’t SnapChat it was Insta” And me easily amused, I snort laughed.

Anyone … Bueller … Bueller … ?

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 6/1/22

Mercury in retrograde sounds ominous. Good luck with the Wi-Fi Linda.

I know this post is supposed to be a one liner but I’ve got to give a backstory. Otherwise what I picked won’t make sense. Oh who am I kidding??! Still may not make sense. LOL. Lookie HERE for the rules and ping back. Check out the other offerings while you’re there.

B, the kids, and I binged watched Stranger Things Season 4 last weekend. Three distinct overlapping stories that ended in a cliffhanger until July 1! Oh the torture of waiting. Anyway, the gang is back + Eddie & Argyle. I can’t really pick a favorite but right up there is Erica (you can’t spell America without erica) Sinclair. As Dustin, Max, and Lucas are sitting in a row on the couch being questioned by the cops, Erica pipes up:

Oh that’s a bunch of bull! I mean, you realize they’re lying. The whole couch is on fire. < then more back and forth before she continues > The fire is consuming us!!!

Erica Sinclair calling it like it is.

I snort laughed out loud. Guess ya had to be there. Huh? After that all I could think of is liar, liar, pants on fire. Maybe that should’ve been my #1linerWeds? I could’ve saved you the ramble. Seriously though, check out Stranger Things, Syfy, 80’s nostalgia, killer soundtrack, goodness.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 7/15/21

I started writing blogging ideas down when I woke and couldn’t go back to sleep. Now I pulled them out trying to spark a post but I’m flummoxed. What the heck? Ugh. Well, at least the notes served their purpose of getting me back to sleep but not much here to use. Guess I’m back to MSU = making stuff up.

Funny how life imitates art some times. At work, we have challenges to earn healthy points which can then be converted into % discount off our health insurance premium. I’m a carrot and stick kinda gal who always plays. If you get 2k points, that’s 5% off the annual premium. For 3k points, you get a bonus prize. For 2021, that prize is a hoodie. Well you have me at bonus points. The what I win is of little concern.

Back to life imitating art. I watched a resiliency video for 15 more points toward the prize. Our calm spokesperson talked about how two very well known people still got nervous before an engagement. To deal with that energy, one would go into a bathroom stall and scream. Then she’d go on to give the speech of her life. Another would run up and done a flight of stairs three or four times with the same result. Taylor Swift was on to something with her song Shake It Off.

A true tip for getting the butterflies under control. The resilience video went on to discuss fight or flight and how movement, even the small act of standing up, or moving positions, changed everything. Like a steam valve was released.

Right after I watched that healthy points video at work, I was clearing out our DVR which records PrimeTime Anytime. I watched the season finale of Rebel which is loosely based on Erin Brockovich. As one of the lawyers waited in the hallway before the big court case, she was pacing and shaking her arms. Flapping like she was about to take flight. Yep, even in fictional setting, ways to demo resilience are displayed.

So, if anyone in my real life sees me in the bathroom at work, taking longer than expected, I’m likely in the stall shaking or screaming. Maybe a little of both. Gearing up to go back to the “area”. And if people don’t like it, they can send me back home. Where my ❤ is …

As always, more to come.

Darn You WP & Entertainment Ramble ~ 11/26/20

WP won’t allow me to be mobile. iPhone or iPad. Looks like it doesn’t recognize me being logged in. I can only read posts. No liking or commenting. Ugh. I’ll move to my desktop eventually after I run through all my goodies on DVR. The addiction is real y’all. Roll call for …

  • This is Us
  • A Million Little Things
  • Filthy Rich 🤑
  • The Good Doctor 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️
  • Next 👾
  • Station 19
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Dancing with the Stars ✨
  • Amazing Race
  • The Voice
  • The Bachelorette
  • The Masked Singer
  • All the Datelines, 48 Hours, 20/20, 60 Minutes
  • All the sitcoms we watch live – Young Sheldon, Mom, B Positive, The Connors, American Housewife, Goldberg’s
  • Penn and Teller
  • Whose Line is it Anyway
  • All the game shows: I Can See Your Voice, Weakest Link, Millionaire, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, Match Game, Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal 🤝

Whew 😅 thank goodness for Prime Time Anytime auto record from 7 pm to 10 pm week days. Without that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When I finally sit down to watch, I skip commercials and otherwise fast forward to see just what I want. Mask Singer for example, I just watch the unveiling. For Amazing Race, I watch with a pause or two to see some of the challenges but otherwise I fast forward to elimination. Anyway you slice or dice 🎲 I’ve got a problem. My way to deal with self imposed quarantine in a pandemic 😷 is to watch TV!!!!!!!!!

Blogging is also my constant companion. And work! All with a back drop of music 🎶 and reading 📖 though truth be told my attention span doesn’t allow for much reading just for pleasure these days. At least I’m back to reading some though even if not at the same velocity. Oh well. I’m not complaining. Instead I’m grateful and my heart ♥️ is full.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

As always more to come.

Bull ~ 11/19/20

I’m back on the sauce which is code for watching TV. I truly thought the Rona was going to ruin my entertainment but Hollywood found a way. Not without casualties of course but that’s okay.

I haven’t done a review in a while so here’s my two cents. Bull is a show about the psychology of jury selection. Dr. Jason Bull and his crackpot team always select the perfect jury and win. Everything always wraps up in a nice neat package.

Tuesday night’s season premiere was unusual. Taking a page from current times, Bull had Covid, hallucinating a majority of the episode. One of those where he broke out into song in a TV/musical mash up. When his fever broke, we were back to reality. The new reality of today where we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Theses actors are in a bubble, getting tested for COVID-19. Being “safe”. Another way they’re adapting is use of CGI. Bull’s daughter for example was a CGI baby. While tech has improved, Astrid was creepy. Semi-realistic but not quite right. Coupled with the random misplaced song, this was not an episode I’d watch again. Though I usually like singing, any time any place. Think Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist. But that show won’t be back until March 2021.

Overall at least they’re trying to bring entertainment during the end of days. That’s what matters. And me? I’ll keep watching. I mean what else have I got to do?

As always more to come.


Catching up on DVR’ed shows. The Kennedy Center Honors was on Sunday but Lulu’s birthday took precedence. I must say this Class of 2019 is spectacular!!

  1. Linda Ronstadt whose diversity and range are incredible.
  2. Sally Field – Giget and the Flying Nun does good.
  3. Sesame Street – in a word genius! Sing! Sing a Song!
  4. Michael Tilson Thomas or MTT – never knew his name but I’ve always known his music. We share a birthday which means I’m almost famous. Lol.
  5. Last but certainly not least, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Jamming out back in the day. Many a flashlight skate included their music fueling the movement. Always a favorite even to this day!

This event is an annual treat. To see other celebrities pay homage is icing on the cake. Sweet dreaming tonight.