In twilight, she woke. At 4 am the alarm clock finally blared pulling her back to life. It was then she realized she was already living.

She missed him dearly. Gone too soon. He always told her “it’s not insomnia. If you wake before the alarm, get up, you’re done sleeping. There’s no right or wrong/no magic number”.

This trick worked as well as any other. Things like not looking at the time, not drinking caffeine after 3pm, and her deep breathing techniques.

The peace and comfort despite lack of sleep was something she wanted to share. If everyone had a bed, covers and pillow … a soft place to land. What a wonderful world it would be.

As always more to come.

Theme Reveal for A to Z Challenge

It’s here, it’s here.  The new phone book’s here.

J-Dub channeling her inner Steve Martin.

Actually today is the theme reveal sillies.  I am giddy.  Check out this link folks for all the deets.  


I will be using the traditional banner because I am well … traditional at heart.

Drum roll please – ratatattat, ratatattat, ratatattat

Ba-dum-tiss and Womp Wah


As in no theme for moi

Unless by some stretch of the imagination my theme is start with A and try keep em interested.  Then go to B and try to make em laugh.  Followed by CDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.  After that all bets are off.  Or the challenge is over. No fooling.  Don’t miss the April 1 start date.

My blog used to be Musings and Ramblings or vice versa because I forget.  Then I changed my blog name to “J-Dub’s Grin and Bear It” in an attempt to be more original.  Search for yourself, there are tons of rambling musers and musing ramblers out in bloglandia. We are a tribe, a rare breed.

Say it with me:

What Time Is It?

Game Time!

Are You Ready?

Yes I am!

As always, more to come.