Caption This! 3/13/18

This lil bunny hangs out in the bushes under the window of Pony’s old bedroom. His main hutch is around the corner under the A/C.

Lulu snapped this pic. Made her day. Mine too ♥️


ABC Funny – The Goldbergs

I love this show simply because I am an 80’s baby.  Not sure how much longer the storyline can go on until it wears itself out.  Still last week’s episode had me in stitches.  The core message was not lost in the humor, you will become who you are destined to be.  So maybe Adam is not a director but what an awesome writer.

Favorite lines – from scenes of Murray and Barry looking for the best cheesesteak ever.

Murray – This is a living nightmare.

Barry – I’m not lost.  I’m certain I’m NOT going the right way.

Barry – Hey Pelicans, we’re near the ocean.

Murray – Just drive.

And one for good measure on being Adam’s agent

Beverly the smother – I’ll take my 10% in belly kisses 🙂

As always, more to come.