Caption This! for 3/17/18 Part Two

Here is the before:


This was the after

Only something a momma Furze could love 🙂  The price of beauty.  Wonderful bath oils.


I’m Not Worthy But I Was Nominated Anyway

Thank you Jim.  I am very Wayne and Garth not worthy for the Liebster.  I appreciate the nom as in nomination.  Look at me all shorthand and everything.  The kid left me again.  Before she did she was trying to make sure I had plans.  She worries about me 😦  I didn’t have plans but she doesn’t need to know that.  Until this … answering your questions are my plans.

Jims asks

  1. What do you do when you are not blogging? Read, watch TV, movies or listen to music.  I am the real spud aka couch potato.
  2. Do you spend more time per day writing your blog or reading other blogs? I try to go about 50/50.  Writing takes me longer unless I wing it and if you’ve even read one or two of my posts, you know I mostly wing it.
  3. What is your favorite writing challenge to participate in? #SoCs of course … you know where I can wing it and all 🙂
  4. Have you ever won any other blogging awards? I have – Blue Sky.  There are a few more but I was so excited I did not categorize my responses.  Versatile and Mystery Blogger I think??? They are in the haystack of the 1337 posts I have made in the last year and 3/4.  My biggest claim to blog award fame is the badge contest for #SoCS.  Which makes me feel guilty.  Don’t ask me why … ok ask me why?  I am simply wired that way.  Still I am super psyched to showcase the San Antonio Riverwalk each and every Saturday.
  5. Do you think that your blogging has improved since your first blog? Hmmm.  Yes and no.  Yes I think practice lead to improvement in my later/current posts but I admit to short cuts and will at times chunk it out there just to get the darn thoughts out of my head.
  6. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a blog? Don’t think about, like Nike, Just Do It!  People are nice in Bloglandia.  Don’t let them calling it Worst Press fool you.
  7. Do you have any pets? I sure do.  My grand pups – Buddy and Spot – red heeler and labrador mix litter mates.  Say that 3 times fast :).
  8. If you met a genie that gave you 3 wishes, what would they be? I am the most indecisive person on this planet.  I guess I’d give all my wishes away.
  9. What are you most afraid of? The cruel world hurting my kids.
  10. Do you have a bucket list, and if so name one thing that is on it? I don’t but maybe I should start one.  If I do, I guarantee it will not be sky diving.
  11. Is there something that keeps you going on a bad day? Listening to music, I am convinced songs have healing properties though I read an article recently saying reading has even more power to restore the good than music or other art forms.

Now I am supposed to nominate five fellow bloggers.  The last time I did that, there were crickets.  I have no idea who will play along and who will say no way.  Plus I remember being last picked for teams.  No bueno.  I will open this wide open and say anyone who would like to join in, then answer these 11 questions.

  1. Coke or Pepsi?
  2. Sweet or Salty?
  3. Dog or Cat?
  4. YouTube or Netflix?
  5. Phone call or Text?
  6. Car or truck?
  7. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
  8. Bath or Shower?
  9. Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?
  10. Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
  11. Big Party or Small Gathering?

#SoCS for 3/10/18 ~ So Far

For Richmond Road – WRiTE Club link within.

J-Dub's Grin and Bear It

Gooood moorrrrning blogosphere! Time once again for # SoCS.  The lovely Linda has given us our prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “so far.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

C’mon J-Dub, think, think, think

So far …

So far what?

So far, so good!

For the love of God and all things living is that all you’ve got?

Your mind is racing lady, you’ve got stuff.  Lots of things are going on all at once as so happens in this big beautiful world while living this thing called LIFE.

So far, so good on the posts for the A-Z Challenge.  And because of that challenge, you were tipped off to another one called Write Club.  Novel idea!  Get it?  Of course you “get it”.  What’s not to get? lol.  All but one of the Write Club winners published.  Sweet success ratio.

This challenge…

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Okay I Lied But You Have To Read & Comment Puhleese

One more post … Turned into … One more post … And this time I mean it!

I am done.

Until this afternoon

When I will be crying in my Post Toastees

I read this yesterday How Much Do Dreams Affect You?

Well yesterday my time, versus 3:03 a.m. the author’s time which is how my comment is displayed.  At 3:03 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST), I was snoring.

Rabbit hole alert!

I am no longer sure I am on CST.  Dayum daylight (non-plural) saving time.  Oh how I loathe thee.  Also aren’t you awed and amazed at how connected we’ve become across geography all the while shrinking into ourselves and becoming hermits?  I mean really y’all.  Well the latter is what I do.  I diminish into my head.

Anyhoo …

This was my comment – I think dreams are our subconscious at work. I don’t always remember mine. And even the ones I remember don’t affect me all day.

And don’t cha know that I remembered my dream from last night for the first time in ages. Or a short while. Or forever.  I forget. Okay, I lied.  I am the dream whisperer.

Lulu woke me at the pinnacle scene/dream sequence which might be why I remembered.

The dream was about things that have been stressing me … my lack of wardrobe (not that I am a diva, the opposite, my clothes are tattered) AND my health.  In this dream, a dear sweet BFF from work was helping me find clothes that fit.  I was telling her how I felt bad with my diagnosis of osteo-everything.  She reminded me to give her the deets on the pharma and she’d ask her nurse sister (life imitating dream as we’ve discussed this before).

Next she was gone.  Poof!  And I was going to the doctor.  A new one.  Maybe has something to do with my rheumatologist appointment in April. My dream doctor turned out to be my nephew (who has distanced himself from all of us lately).  Surprise!  His office was atop a craggy mountain.  I made my way to the precipice; then I saw him and started crying.  He hugged me and looked over my shoulder commenting Who is he?  I turn and to the right was my dearly departed brother but alive and well.

Dr. Nephew: Is that you I smell?

Bro: Maybe? Let’s try this again, shall we?

Deep inhale …

Me still crying: I know the smell is coming from me.

Dr. Nephew & Bro: Yes, Jill, we smell your disease.

Then I am AWAKE! OMGee!!!!! What can that mean?

Years back before Dan was officially diagnosed with lymphoma, his breath gave off a sort of sour yeasty smell.  We often wonder if the diagnosis had been made then, would he have survived?  And of course, now I am sure I am dying. Well what else is new?

Rhetorical peeps.

This house is clean.

As always, more to come.

**** P.S. as an aside, would you have voted for this?  Or is it a crap fest? Or somewhere in between? ****

I am gauging my appeal (or utter lack thereof).  I am NOT breaking WRiTE Club rules.  Cuz I am not promoting myself or any other writer.  Also, I cannot not use this anyway since you can’t have posted the story anywhere else before, even on your blog.



Time Is Doing That Crap Again

And by crap, I mean messing with my mind.

One more quick post before I move from this spot.

I am burning daylight ala the Duke.

Or Wayne as in John that is.

I will have more than enough time for stuff like this tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the day after that.

I got up at 8 am to make pancakes as our final breakfast of Spring Break 2018.

This afternoon Lulu will be back home.

Yep I said it and I meant it.

Her home is elsewhere.

And I am not sad about that because …

Independence is what we all want right?

Say right.

Temporary as her first home away from her original home may be …

There is never a truer statement in you can’t go home again.

All has changed.

All is as it should be.

Out damn spot.

Now where was this flow when I was trying to write something off the cuff about GREEN.

As always, more to come.

#whatif ~ 3/17/18

I clicked around, reading one by one the Green prompt posts on #SoCS 3/17/18.  I commented a time or two but I am not in a very talkative mood today.  Times I wanted to comment but stopped in my tracks too caught up in my head.  My brain is constantly filled with #whatif.  And not in a good way either but in a Beth and Randall game of worst case scenario way.  This is a reference that any This is Us viewers will understand. If you don’t get it, watch the show.  The storylines will give you the feels I promise.

As I neared the end, there was the Bee one link between her post and my own.  She mentioned #whatif along with #SoCS.  Serendipity causing me to write the following:

Seeds turned sprouts

Pushing up through the soil 

Rich with nutrients

Adverse with toil

To the light of day

Breaking ground

To become what may 

Ping Back to #whatif 3/17/18

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 3/17/18 ~ Green

Well alrighty then, time once again for #SoCS.  The lovely Linda has given us our prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “green.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Think, think, think.

I got nothing y’all.  My flow is stymied, stifled and any other word that begins with st and means stuck!


The color of my eyes


My favorite color and not because green is the color of my eyes.


Nope still going nowhere.  I do have things to say but for some reason I have become private.  Ha! I can hear you laughing.  I have bared my soul to bloglandia.  Or have I?  Back to bottling up the feels.

Going nowhere

Really trying hard




Here are the rules and pingback.

As always, more to come.