So I Told Myself …

So I told myself …

when I got to 13 posts for the A-Z April (2018) Challenge I’d have a par-tay.  Half way there is the goal I set for myself. But I am cuckoo y’all.  Or superstitious.  I cannot stop on 13.  I CAN stop at 12 or 14.  Lol.

And today I decided to stop at 12 until I have time to write BOTH 13 and 14.  I am not gonna jinx myself see.  Now scram. We’re burning daylight ala the Duke as in Duke Wayne.  And we’re having early Easter this evening.  I’ve got places to go and peoples to see.

As always, more to come.



Late To The Party

We’re new to Netflix and have decided to semi binge Orange is the New Black. I say semi binge because we watch an episode or two then skip days before watching again.  In a word interesting.  Though I think generations past would scratch their heads at what counts for entertainment these days.

Toe-may-toe, Tuh-mah-toe

I guess I should quit trying to write in onomatopoeia huh?

#SoCS for 3/31/18 ~ Bun

Well alrighty then, it’s time once again for #SoCS.   I am super excited that tomorrow is Easter. The Dubs will be celebrating a day early. Yippee!!

The lovely Linda has given us our prompt and without further ado, here it is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bun.” Find a word that contains “bun” or use it as a word all by itself. Have fun!

Hmmm.  Bun.  Think, think, think!

I s’pose I could go with bunny and be Easter themed but I did that post yesterday.

And truth be told, the first thing that popped into this ole noggin when I saw the prompt was “Bun in the Oven”. Followed quickly by I love you Honey Bunny in this scene from Pulp Fiction.

At :42 you can hear Samuel L. Jackson and at 1:02 you can see John Travolta walk by.  Only in re-runs did I notice that.

People are always shocked when I say I enjoyed this movie.  Well, enjoyed may not be exactly the best description.  Grabbed my attention maybe?

I vividly remember going to the dollar theater after it been out a while.  No one would see it with me.  B does not care for QT.  And to be fair Pony was only six years old.  It was the second time I went to a movie solo.  The first time being to see Philadelphia.

The fiction in Pulp Fiction man.  I tell ya.  The way the story started at the end and loop-d-looped all around until we are back at the beginning.  All the sub-plots intertwined.  As a pseudo writer, I appreciate the chops it took to create this gem.  And several of you out there are looking at me all weird now.  But whatever.

Besides, bun in the oven … that ship, she has sailed waaaayyyy far away. To the end of the ocean.

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As always, more to come.