Psyched And A Little Nervous

I signed up for the A-Z Challenge yesterday and can’t wait for the fun to begin.  Lots of rules and links and such so that is the nervous part … that I will miss something and/or do something I shouldn’t like give the wrong link to my blog when signing up (yep already did that).  Or create a new category for myself and use the badge in this post prematurely? (yep already did those too).  Now maybe I will be banned from the challenge.

No wait! That is a closed group of FB.  They ban for life.  One misstep and no soup for you!  Perhaps I should have second thoughts and take myself out of that group.  Concentrate on honing my craft here.

Look at me using big words like perhaps and honing!  lol :).  Doesn’t take much to get me psyched like getting feedback that I could turn Celeste into a character and write a book about her.  Or hearing someone say after reading my flash fiction that they’d buy the book.  You know the one I am not writing. I think really?  Do you truly think so?  Because I have always wondered if I could.  But I can’t.  So I won’t.  Yet I am giddy folks.  I tell ya!

Check out the details here regarding A-Z Challenge

As always, more to come.