All Blocked Up

No, not that kind of blocked up.¬† Besides what you’re thinking of is backed up and that’d be TMI.¬† I’ve only got NINE entries y’all.¬† I need more.¬† I need 26 to be precise.¬† Second guessing myself I really should have picked a theme beyond writing in A to Z order.¬† O for example …what can I do for O when my only thought is that O is for ocelot. Lol.¬† Maybe I could do something with that.

Anyhoo.¬† I’ve got time.¬† That’s what I tell myself.¬† Not finishing is NOT an option. Guess I will peruse the site some more¬† 2018 A2Z Challenge which I think may have a post about un-used themes.¬† Now I’m feeling lucky.

As always, more to come.

Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.¬†Now here I go … gonna act all Sally Field for a moment.¬† I am after all the queen comma drama as my dear friend used to say.¬† Thank you Laura for the nomination.

Peeps check out her blog here:¬† ¬†you’ll be glad you did.

I one J-Dub McGillicutty will honor these rules partially.¬† Cuz in addition to being a queen of the dramatic nature, I’m a rule breaker. And here they are in all their glory:

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you. – Check, see above and go visit Laura.
  2. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. Here is the partial part.¬† I do not know 11 people.¬† Well, you say that’s a cotton picking lie.¬† But nope cuz I am being figurative – the opposite of literal.¬† Or I am taking liberties¬†as they say.¬† More specifically, I don’t know 11 people who will play along. I will however list 11 new questions and anyone can join in. My comments section is always open for bidness.¬† Harlot!
  3. Display the rules and the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post. Check 

My Answers:

  1. What‚Äôs your favorite thing about your blog? That writing takes me away to that special place.¬† Oh, oh, oh sweet child o’ mine.¬† Yes everything is a song lyric to me.¬† GnR rock on.¬† Though Mr. Rose does disgust me – a blog for another day and my opine only.
  2. Of the posts you’ve written, which is your favorite? No way to choose really so I  will have to say this one.
  3. You have the chance to be any movie or book character of your choice, who do you choose?¬†Towanda from Fried Green Tomatoes so I can purposefully hit another car with my car and say “let’s face it girls, I am older and I have more insurance” lol ūüôā
  4. What is your favourite book or story and why? I LOVE all books even the crappy ones.  Why? because the written word has saved some souls. If I have to choose, I will go with The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  5. What would your best friend tell me about you? She talks a lot.
  6. What is the story behind your blog name?¬†I began with musings and ramblings or vice versa cuz that’s what I do but there are too many musers and ramblers out there.¬† In a desperate attempt to be unique, I changed to J-Dub’s Grin and Bear It because that’s my name and that’s what I do.¬† Every day y’all, so exhausting ūüôā
  7. What‚Äôs one of your most embarrassing¬† or funniest¬† moments?¬†I wore two different shoes to work.¬† Same style just different colors.¬† One was black, the other navy.¬† I wasn’t embarrassed but I laughed.
  8. Name 3 songs that characterize you. Still Standing by Elton John, Don’t¬† Stop Believing by Journey and Crazy Train by the one, the only Ozzy Osbourne
  9. What is your most sentimental keepsake? My mother’s wedding ring set
  10. Name one thing on your bucket list? Build our little cabin in the woods. Casa de Dub 2.0.
  11. ¬†What accomplishment are you most proud of? Nothing, pride is a venial sin.¬† Did I get that right dearly departed mom and dad? Hmm, nope.¬† I think pride is a mortal sin.¬† Either way, I am not proud of anything I’ve accomplished.

Your questions should you choose to participate:

  1. Breakfast or no breakfast?
  2. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
  3. Taco Bell or McDonalds?
  4. Coke or Pepsi?
  5. Tattoos or Piercings?
  6. Boxers or Briefs?
  7. Book or Kindle?
  8. Car or Truck?
  9. Mansion or Farm House?
  10. Riches or Happiness?
  11. Coffee or Tea?

As always, more to come.

Review of the Roseanne Reboot

Who am I to write a review?  Answer J-Dub.  Really Jilly?  Land the plane already.

Okay.  I am curious to hear what folks thought about the reboot (if they even watched it).

We’ve got a few cents to chip in. B and I watched both episodes last night.¬† Our conversation went something like this.

B: This show will never make it. The original is a classic.

Me: So far I like it.¬† Not too keen on the filmed in front of a studio audience reminder … that’s a little too 70s sit-com for me.

B: Are they trying to cover everything in these first two episodes?  Maybe the writers should pace themselves.

Me: I’ve only got one question (after hearing them mention Jerry).¬† Where’s Jackie’s kid Andy?

For the record, B is usually spot on regarding longevity.  But this time, he could be wrong.  I was struck when I saw the Vanity Fair article:


The Roseanne Reboot Completely Smashed Ratings Expectations

About 17.7 million people tuned in to watch the Conner family return to television‚ÄĒwhich is more than watched them say goodbye in 1997.
More of my two cents:
The hype, the nostalgia, who knows how long those things will keep the ratings going?¬† I’ll stick around for a while especially after reading we just wanted Goody back.¬†¬†We didn’t care how¬†during the Good Morning America interview.¬† Seeing that Michael Fishman said that made me teary. That’s right DJ, we didn’t care how either.
As always, more to come.



One Liner Wednesday: Healing Comes

Now this right here is too good not to pass along. Thank you JoAnna for sharing these beautiful words.

Anything is Possible!

‚ÄúHealing comes into soft things better than hard ones.‚ÄĚ

Andi Cumbo-Floyd

From  Charlotte and the Twelve

Healing (2)

May healing come to you and me, to our families, states, and countries….

May healing come to planet Earth.

One liner Weds 2017

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For 3/28/18 #1linerWeds.

Many will debate me on this.  Go ahead.  These are not my words, I borrowed them ya see. Now scram. Just kidding. Without further ado:

Do you want to be right? or Do you want to be happy?

The goals of each are mutually exclusive.  And I agree wholeheartedly.  Lately I am learning that happiness outweighs being right ALL THE TIME!

Stick around and take a look at all the other one liners Rules and Pingback

As always, more to come.