Three Boxes Full

As I wrote the title: Three Boxes Full I’m reminded of a nursery rhyme. See if you can guess which one and then let me know because I forget πŸ˜‚

Three shoe boxes filled with toiletries and ready for donation. Part of the Spring Break 2018 stay-cation.

As always more to come.


6 thoughts on “Three Boxes Full

  1. After returning from the crusades in 1272, Edward I imposed new taxes on the wool trade in order to pay for his military ventures. It is believed that this wool tax forms the background to the rhyme. One-third of the price of each bag, or sack sold, was for the king (the master); one-third to the monasteries, or church (the dame); and none to the poor shepherd (the little boy who cries down the lane) who had tirelessly tended and protected the flock.

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