In need of an intervention 

After a year of abstinence, I went on the hunt for a Dr. Pepper icee to cure my craving.  Sacrebleu!!! My flavor was 86ed!!!

You know I must be hard up when I got a mango chili 🌶 instead.  I thought what the hell. I’ll give it a whirl.  Of course I made a BIG mess.  And almost burnt my forehead on the nacho cheese 🧀 when I bent down to take my first slip. 

Sacrebleu!!!!! That sucks.  

As always more to come 


3 thoughts on “In need of an intervention 

    1. My fear is that they quit making Dr. Pepper icees. I travelled to three different corner stores looking for one. I may just have to go to HQ and get them to change their minds. Lol. Mango chili was just ok. I need Dr. Pepper!!


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