Your Prince/Princess Will Find You

The genesis of this blog is Snapped/Killer Couples.  We just got back from church and then to this – what a oxymoron.

Cinderella did all the cleaning and even that did not get her an invitation to the ball.

To contort oneself to be someone else just to please your significant other is tomfoolery.  Eventually the jig is up and your natural self shines through.  Yes SHINES!  Despite what the other person may think, if they do not see your shine, then screw them, they are not worth your time.  Another reference to Juno’s dad and his relationship advice.  That guy has got it going on.

Don’t suppress your feelings and take the pain because you want to be accommodating and not make waves or worse because you’re afraid if you make waves he/she will leave.  Good luck and best wishes to them, things can end peacefully giving you the freedom move on down the line.

At heart, I am a romantic.  One day I believe your prince or princess will find you, likely when you least expect it.  As always, more to come.


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