Your Prince/Princess Will Find You

The genesis of this blog is Snapped/Killer Couples.  We just got back from church and then to this Рwhat a oxymoron.

Cinderella did all the cleaning and even that did not get her an invitation to the ball.

To contort¬†oneself to be someone else just to¬†please your significant other¬†is tomfoolery. ¬†Eventually the jig is up and your natural self shines through. ¬†Yes SHINES! ¬†Despite what the other person¬†may think, if they do not see your shine, then screw them, they are not worth your time. ¬†Another reference to Juno’s dad and his relationship advice. ¬†That guy has got it going on.

Don’t suppress your feelings and take the pain¬†because you want to be accommodating and not make waves or worse because you’re afraid if you make waves he/she will leave. ¬†Good luck and best wishes to them, things can end peacefully giving you the freedom move on¬†down the line.

At heart, I am a romantic.  One day I believe your prince or princess will find you, likely when you least expect it.  As always, more to come.

For A Nice Distraction – See A Movie

Pony Boy & Wise now work daytime hours. ¬†After a long time of shift work, they have come to the¬†light. ¬†Today they stopped by to be with Billy Bob. We are all a little worried about¬†Big B squared. ¬†He’s sad … for the first time in 40 years, he is not hunting on opening weekend.¬† ¬†That’s a hard habit to break. ¬†The plan was made to be with him and take his mind off what he was missing. Newsflash ‚Äď it didn‚Äôt work but we had to try.

We ended up going to see Magnificent 7. ¬†I won’t spoil it for anyone, as if I could … it is a remake of a remake. ¬†You all know the plot by now. ¬†We went to Alamo Draft House which was a good choice because they had pre-movie viewing with the 7 theme. ¬†I had no idea the original Mag 7 was not the one with Yul Brenner (2016¬†may have actually been the 4th iteration). ¬†But rather the origin is a 1954 Japanese movie – 7 Samurai. ¬†We also got to see what’s up for October. ¬†We might be singing along later this month. ¬†It‚Äôs going to be a LONG season.¬† Gotta fill in the spaces.

I remember how Pony always wanted work in the movie industry ‚Äď not actor, behind the scenes.¬† A hard field to break into in any capacity but he had some experience through media tech classes and VASE participation in high school.¬† He filmed all the athletic events, built sets and was getting pretty good with make-up.¬† I often wonder what may have happened if we somehow had found the means to send him to Full Sail University ‚Ķ or North Texas State.¬† But we can‚Äôt go back, so we move forward.

All and all a good day.  As always, more to come …

Whatcha Doing?

Pony Boy asked me … “Nothing” I said. ¬†But Ha! ¬†I was taking this picture. ¬†Those curls, the curls his grandma loved and got so upset with me when I took him for¬†his first hair cut. ¬†She said “He’s only a baby! who cares if he has long hair. ¬†Those blond curls are adorable” ¬†But that was just g’ma love!!

He has grown those curls back again; the color is darker now – more golden brown. ¬†Rebel that he is … but you pick you battles and hairstyle / facial hair is not one of them. ¬†Life is too short and we all have bigger fish to fry.


And the judging begins BUT you CAN’T judge a book by its’ cover. ¬†Well, you can BUT you’d be WRONG!!

How many colloquialisms are in this blog? ¬†Four, the answer is four. Can you find them? ūüôā

As Always, More to Come …