You Can Be

…¬†¬†I’ve heard it said you can be right or you can be happy … you can’t be both as they are mutually exclusive. ¬† Well I’m here to tell you people … I am happy because I am right. LOL ¬† ¬†Just kidding. ¬†I said my piece and I let it go and others get to decide and I am perfectly fine in Happy-land. ¬† And I won’t even say I told you so.

pfttt ¬†that’s the sound of the pin popping my big ole head ¬†as the air is escaping.

Because of my snarkiness I am being repaid with a boat load of crap ¬†to deal with ¬†right now. ¬† My brother for who I am representative payee has just moved. ¬† For like the Bazillionsth ¬†time. ¬†The new caretaker is trying to get the October rent from the former caretaker who is absconding with the money. ¬† What an a hole. ¬† Old caretaker that is. ¬†Complete douche. ¬†The new ¬†caretaker ¬†said “I’m not gonna start anything with him … people that do business that way well ¬†it comes back to bite them. ¬†I just wish God would bless him”

Now that’s a bigger person than me … he is obviously choosing to be happy. ¬† ¬†Being right includes getting paid.

Ouy vey.  As always more to come!