I’ll Share My Happy With You

Here we are at Quarry Nails and we just hit the jackpot. ¬† My technician tells both of ¬†us “HAPPY Saturday! ¬† I’m still happy from last night. ¬†And I’ll share my happy with you.”

She pauses and continues. ¬†“Oh but not THAT!” ¬† “My happy was from dancing and listening to music all night”

Then she tells Lulu that she’s beautiful. ¬†That her eyes are amazing. ¬†That attitude is contagious and now the whole row is smiling.

Just think what one simple act of kindness can do! ¬†We are all responding in kind. ¬†Today we are all beautiful and everyone reading this post is beautiful too ūüėė


As always, more to come.

Day Before Yesterday, Yesterday & Today

Day before yesterday, kinda of spur of the moment I made plans to¬†pick up Lulu from school. ¬†See Super Duper post for details on why. ¬†Which really doesn’t matter since I changed my tune about the whole coming home thing. ¬†Fu*k it! Life is too short. ¬†Stop and smell the roses. ¬†Carpe diem and all that jazz.

I decided to go early even though it meant a night in a hotel room. ¬†Or maybe because it meant a night in a hotel room?!?!? ¬†Glorious time, all to my lonesome to help¬†me appreciate my family even more when we do spend time together. ¬†I used to travel twice a year for business and have my alone time fix then. ¬†Business travel ended about a year 1/2 ago. Picking up LuLu gave me the excuse to travel again. ¬†Plus I had a few call in meetings to attend on Friday. ¬†Going the night before meant¬†I would not be¬†looking for a roadside park to stop at in route to make my calls. ¬†Instead I could call in from¬†the comfort of my own KING size bed. Today’s technology, got to love it. ¬†Or do I? ¬†Yeah, I do. ¬†I really do … (couldn’t resist a nod to my blog post from this morning)

Why yes I DID have five pillows all to myself
At first I was like darn the light doesn’t work. ¬†What’s that extra cord?!?!?


But then O.M.goodness, a book light – sweet nirvana people, SWEET nirvana


No air mattress on a dorm floor for me!

Yesterday, we had such a NICE dinner at PF Chang’s. ¬†I had her all to myself. ¬†During the conversation I thought holy sH*t, my kid’s an adult and this is an adult conversation and this just happened in a matter of weeks and I knew she was growing up but wowzer, when the hell did all this happen. ¬†Good things come to those who wait and things are good, really good. ¬†Glimmer of hope that she will not settle. ¬†Rough seas are coming no doubt but I can see that she will be okay. ¬†More than okay, maybe. ¬†I saw some moxy in her that was previously missing and I liked it!!!!!!!

Today … LuLu conducted her interview so that we can have tomorrow open to go where the wind blows us. ¬†The interview turned out quite good if I do say so myself (and NO, I did help or do any part of the assignment for¬†her). ¬†I have never been and will never BE one of those parents. ¬†Of course, it was quite good because PoPo aka Jimmy is such an awesome dude! ¬†If anyone is interested in the history of Western Electric (and you should be) then ask him. ¬†He’s¬†quite the storyteller. And his sense of humor … Question: Why did to you apply for the installer job at Western Electric? ¬†Answer: Because I needed a job.¬†As if there is any other reason-doh!

Afterwards, Billy Bob, LuLu and I had an early bird supper at La Perla – our Cheers – where everybody knows our name. Originally we had hoped to put the gang back together again but Pony & Wise are in Austin at a concert. ¬†Earlier they stopped by to borrow our sleeping bags. ¬†They’re going to Uber it to the concert and afterwards crash at a friend’s house. ¬†I’m like “uh, you really should get a hotel room, I hear that they are divine ;)”. ¬†Sleeping bags – ugh! that’s worse than an air mattress on a dorm room floor. ¬†But I guess it’s all relative and plus they are still young. ¬†We did the same thing. ¬†Back in the olden days. ¬†They’re making memories for sure. ¬†Second time today I uttered those words. ¬†Making memories.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, all is right with the world. ¬†In my¬†head, I hear Jesus Christ Superstar’s Everything’s Alright.

Try not to get worried
Try not to turn on to
Problems that upset you
(oh) Don’t you know

Everything’s alright
Yes everything’s fine
And we want you to sleep well tonight
Let the world turn without you tonight

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As always, more to come.