Back in the Stone Age

Okay, not that far back … just back to the 70s.  If one wanted straight hair, there was no flat-iron but you could use the clothes iron and wax paper for a similar effect.  If one wanted curly hair, you could get a permanent wave aka a perm.  Or you could use rollers.  Eventually the curling iron came around and hot rollers too.  For crimped hair, there was no crimper but you could braid your hair when damp, sleep on it and when you took out the braids, wah la, beautiful waves.  Now that’s what I call advancement.

Because I have been a reminiscing fool lately, I remembered how during sleep overs we’d braid each others hair.  I decided, I want to do that again.  I went to look for hair ties and of course Lulu has all of them with her at college.  Boo!  I guess I’ll have to invest in my own stuff.  I had forgotten how much we shared.

I miss her still even though Big B squared and I are LOVING the empty nest.  I never thought I’d get here but I am at acceptance and that didn’t take long at all.  I have decided, that I like him, I REALLY REALLY like him. Lulu moving on is bittersweet for both of us that’s for sure but at least we have each other.

As always, more to come.