Technology I gotta love it or do I?

…  today’s musings and rambling edition is brought to you from the  sunny city of Corpus Christi  Texas.   Just waiting for classes to end so we can head on back to San Antonio.  With this unprecedented free time my thoughts  are wandering.   Not literally wandering but figuratively my thoughts are roaming all over the place … hee hee for all you English majors .

You’re thinking … Come on land the plane Lucy !!!  Rabbit hole alert for sure.

When cell phones first came on the scene I resisted getting one.   I didn’t want to fry my brain waves with whatever questionable waves were coming out of the cell phone.   Does anyone else remember that foolishness?  I do and I would say crazy … crazy like a 🐺.  I still won’t carry my cell phone in my bra or my pocket for that reason.    And whether I am serious or being facetious you will have to figure that out dear readers.

So any hoo onto the topic at hand.   When I finally got a cell phone I never even turned it on.  I had it to make the occasional emergency roadside call “hey I got a flat tire” but that’s it.  My family Billy Bob in particular would be so irritated “I tried calling you!” well duh I’m not picking up.    I was the epitome of don’t text and drive well before distracted driving was even a known issue.

Fast forward to today.   I live out of my phone. I have a single phone  that I use for both work and personal.  Some of my work friends think I’m crazy but I do have just the one. I can barely keep track of one much less two.

Anyway that’s not what all this is about … this is about a rambling musing. My contacts.   In my phone.   Pony boy set them up for me years ago.   And overtime that original list has transferred and transferred and transferred to what I have today.   So when I got the phone call and the name that floated across was kick ass T.  I had to laugh because that was the name he set up for himself.   And he is kick ass after, all isn’t he?    My sonshine,  a love of my life.

Then I remembered a funny of how when I was trying to change my service through AT&T and they asked me for the password and I have no idea and they gave me a hint and they say favorite movie star and of course I answer Steve Buscemi and they tell me no you’re wrong.   So then I say Kevin Bacon. Another wrong!   They say a female.   And Ah-ha … then I remember it’s Natalie Portman thank you very much Kickass T 😂    His legacy of my advent into technology  lives  on.

If there any hackers out there know that  I am so boring and I have nothing to hack. Plus, Natalie Portman is no longer the secret code … it is now incorrect !  See Sableyes blog post for a funny take on passwords.  Incorrect  haha   I slay me.   Next stop stand-up comedy 😂

I have progressed  very well technologically speaking because today all of this post was done through talk to text on my iPhone.   Happy Friday to the small microcosm of the world that may stumble across this unusual, this … whatever this is … 😂

As always, more to come…