Against All Odds

They say a picture is worth 1000 words;  what does this picture say to you ?

Struggle if you must, but never give up!

We planted this little guy over two years ago … was supposed to grow into a big tree … instead it still looks like a little twig. ¬† Against all odds though the twig is producing oranges ūüćä. ¬† This makes my day!!

As always, more to come.

Sometimes I Wish I Could …

Freeze Time. ¬† There are days like today where I sit back and reminisce about the good old days and I wish I could freeze time. ¬†Thankfully this morose feeling doesn’t last long. ¬†Stuck in the past is no way to live; one has¬†to move forward. ¬†Keep the memories, sure! But don’t close off to what’s in store for the future. ¬†The only thing constant in life is change and I have always embraced change … maybe after a little reluctance but I usually come around quickly. ¬†I am a jump on the band wagon, I’ll try almost anything once type. ¬†Thank you daddy! Most things good in me, I attribute to¬†his influence.

Anyhow, moving along, we have one more day until the milestone, ten year anniversary of a most unfortunate event. ¬†The suspense will end because I will unveil our story of that fateful day. ¬†In the meantime, I will organize my office, since doing so was a bust when I tried last Saturday.¬†I’ll leave you with a picture I found when I was supposed to be cleaning. ¬†This is one of my favorites because it was taken right before H was diagnosed. ¬†The carefree innocence of childhood¬†before cancer invaded their life. ¬†¬†These … four … kids … are the reason that this morning I kind of wanted to freeze time.

As always, more to come.

In front of the azaleas. ¬†Yes Pony was a rockstar Jr. John Lennon¬†– kind of … if you squint and look from afar.¬†Keep on smiling.

More Colloquialisms

Does “I’d like to bitch slap <insert pronoun of choice> into next week” count?!? ¬†Lol!

Here’s a few colloquialisms running through my mind … running through my mind even counts:

  • I’ve got to get this out of my system.
  • I’m going to let my freak flag fly.
  • You better shape up or ship out.
  • I’m not going to cut you any slack.
  • You’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth and/or you’re skating on thin ice.
  • You’re about to go down in flames.
  • I’m gonna come out swinging and let the chips fall where they may.

Ha! and I am just a yappy chihuahua. ¬†Protecting my pup. ¬†And Big B squared is talking me off the ledge and laughing his a$$ off. ¬†I am swearing like a sailor and making up phrases of my own … like why settle for vanilla when you can have freaking chocolate with freaking rainbow sprinkles!!! You blanketity, blank, blank. Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker. ¬†Can’t you just picture Bruce Willis?!? ¬†Die Hard fans, I know YOU can. Lol!

Dang that feels freaking fantastic! ¬†and I reached my goal, to get this out of my system …¬†for NOW. ¬†Time for some vino.

As always, more to come.


Dia de los Muertos

Preparing with my skull bracelets.


on Sunday, the actual day of … the anniversary from hell, we will attend a celebration in downtown SA. ¬†Can’t wait to see Mexrissey – Mexico Goes Morrissey. ¬†It’s free noon to 10pm at La Villita.

Check out

As always, more to come.


Two Days Left

Still on the count down. ¬†Nerves are jangling and to distract myself I’m obsessing over that which I cannot control. ¬†You can’t live someone else’s life. ¬†That’s for sure. ¬†Deep breath in and slowly exhale. ¬†Going to crank up the tunes and rock all my cares away. ¬†ūüé∂ūüé∂

As always, more to come.