“To sleep, perchance to dream-
ay, there’s the rub.”

I memorized Hamlet’s soliloquy for 7th grade lit class.  I didn’t quite grasp the concept of suicide at the time.  The fact he felt betrayed by his uncle and that things may not be better even in the big sleep, that I understood.  If anything I have an irrational fear of death.  I wish to be immortal.  My faithful parents were quite the opposite facing their respective deaths as firm believers.  I believe too but I’m not worthy and that’s what scares me.

Back to dreams.  They fascinate me. The subconscious mind at work (or play).  I’m going to start keeping a dream journal.  See what’s what and see if that enlightens me.  I might just create a category and add posts there.  Ooh more to do with the idle time of an empty nester.

As always, more to come.