Forget A Few Grocery Items And Re-Enforce Your Perspective

Big B Squared and I go grocery shopping once a week and get all that we need for just that week. ¬†We always pick an odd time to go and typically¬†we have the place to ourselves. ¬†Yes it is possible to shop at¬†the behemoth that is the retailer Wal-Mart¬†when it is¬†not at full capacity. ¬† I actually prefer to shop at¬†HEB but there is not one close by so hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Wal-Mart we will go. (HEB for all you non-Texans is a local¬†grocery chain).

Yesterday we forgot a few things … more than a few and so waiting the week would not do. ¬†I have been getting to work before 7 so I took off at 3:30 ish thinking, yeah I bet the store¬†is not crowded just yet. ¬†Well, I could not have been more wrong. ¬†Determined to not be stressed, I put on my smile and¬†decided to be in a good mood and to look people in the eye (see my other blog post about same).

As a writer wannabe, I am always thinking about how I can put¬†my thoughts into words to share my perspective. ¬†For some reason, as I began my shopping trip, I was already feeling pretty positive. ¬†Today is a great day. ¬†I have nothing to complain about … paraphrased thought bubble: the¬†man who had no shoes stopped complaining when we saw the man who had no feet. ¬†That’s deep y’all. ¬†And that’s true!

I rounded the corner and I saw a woman about my age, pushing a cart with someone else also holding on to the cart to steady himself… this person I assume is her son. ¬†This boy is obviously¬†disabled, making unusual sounds, he required a bib … the size of a towel. ¬†I imagine he needs 24 hour, round the clock care. ¬†But he was walking … down the aisle. It’d be presumptuous of me to think she had a ‘bad’ life. ¬†Borrowing from the new NBC hit series This is Us – “There is no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade.”¬†¬†They appeared happy too. ¬†Still I thought, there but for the grace of God go I ¬†… and I¬†smiled as¬†looked¬†them both¬†right in the eyes.

As always, more to come …