Super Duper

I am so excited!!!!  Lil Lulu is coming home this weekend.  At first I was all “YOU wanted to go AWAY to school NOT me! … I wanted you to stay HERE so tough cookies” ... then all around me peeps who have kiddos away at school are posting about them coming home and then there were parents’ weekends which her school didn’t have because “mom that’s a football thing”  Or they DID have but she didn’t want to participate … typical.

Any hoo I can hardly contain my excitement. The reason she is coming home is to conduct an interview for her history class.  She worked out the logistics for an over the phone interview but her sweet PoPo is so hard of hearing that after many failed attempts she asked “can you just come get me one weekend?” and I am “well sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  You don’t have to ask me twice :).

What’s a little weird is how her grandpa is part of a history project … meaning he is old enough to be considered historical 🙂  lol – He loves that.  Such a willing participant – cleared his schedule to be available for her and everything.  And her history teacher loves her … tells her she really should consider switching her major.  So I had to ask “well? are you considering that?” and she says “No, not really.  But it’s nice to be told that you’re good at something”.  I think these first two years are a time for exploration.  Nothing is set in stone.  This kind of took the pressure off … knowing there are still so many options.

Ah to be young again.   I am living semi-vicariously through my kid.  But no, I can have options too … the world is still my oyster.  what to do, what to do???????

As always, more to come …


The Middle

The Middle oh how I have missed you.

“Jeremy …can I call you Jeremy? Well you can’t call me Mike!”

I always asked my kids’ friends and/or significant others to call me Jill.  Mrs. is my mother-in-law.

As always, more to come.