Sunday Reflections ~ 6/28/20

Before I begin, Happy Birthday Pony Boy!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness.  Cheers to 32!!!  This is your year son-shine.

I used the llama feature photo again to bring levity.  This week is better emotionally.  Second week in a row actually.  Ah sweet relief with my new eff everything attitude.  Fourth week in a row that we walked every morning.  Outside we’re still burning. In fact in San Antone the Rona is spiking so much so we all got this alert last night …

Back to shelter in place.  If this is all a hoax as some still maintain, I’d rather be looked at as foolish.  Why take chances?  We didn’t let Lulu go on a family trip with the BF.  First she was angry, then she was sad.  Rightfully so because the whole acceptance thing feels fleeting.  No one wants to be odd one out.  This alert made her feel better about our choice.  Though not going still sucks.  Oh to be young and in love but six feet apart.  All the while his siblings throw caution to the wind.  Boo hoo :(.  Anyway, enough maudlin talk.  Gotta quit the day drinkin’.  Okay, are we ready for a re-cap?

Sunday  #SLS in da house and Jim have us Mary/Marie/Maria.  I picked this #SLS for 6/21/20.  The wonderful Mr. Petty.  RIP while your music continues to bring joy.  Aaahhhh now that’s the stuff.

Monday was Haiku Change & Face plus Share Your World.  Fun to remember my dear friend Lisa Anne.  Boy I’ve had a good life!!!   Lots of laughter.  Tuesday was about wearing underwear on your face.  Wednesday was this corny one liner.  Every Wednesday, I will keep hocking the silly even if it gets old.  Thursday was about snakes and Friday was bringing the light.  The Saturday capstone flirty fun with  #SoCS.  Some of my favorites were about milkshakes and falling from heaven with a sweet story.  If you don’t join in with the Linda G Hill gang on Saturdays, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Maybe try it for the 4th of July?!??!?!

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


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