You Be The Judge

Underwear or face mask?

It’s a gator

We suited up and took cupcakes to PoPo. B is also giving his dad the gift of free labor. While Lulu and I were inside with MoMo, the boys were tearing down the pool. She had to have that pool and they used it for only two seasons. Shame too but it’s become more trouble to keep up than it’s worth.

MoMo doesn’t wear masks in HER home. We do for her sake. She’s mainly social distancing and even skipped bunco last week. With our masks on, we still spread out six feet apart.

After a bit she asks: What’s on your face?

Me: A mask.

Her: That looks like your underwear. Do you want one of our masks?

Me: No thanks. I like my gator. B got a six pack and I took this one since it’d get ruined on the job.

Her: She didn’t say anything but gave me a look … the LOOK 👀

I’m laughing now. Kinda looks like underwear. Or maybe a slip or something. And Lulu’s mask is the one with the expletive @#!$& on it. Wonder what MoMo really thinks? Lol 🙂

As always more to come.

23 thoughts on “You Be The Judge

  1. Kristin Bell slipped a pair of underwear over her face on the Ellen show a few weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious. I miss Bunco! I want to have one but not at the present time. Your mask looks great! 😊

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    1. Thanks. I have one of B’s N95 from work. OSHA required it before those became scarce. I’m not using since it hurts. I like the bandanna and will alternate between gator and that. I miss bunco too. Fun times 🎲

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      1. I don’t like the N95 masks either. You’re right, they hurt. I use a surgical mask when I go to physical therapy & to the grocery store. We even put our mask on to go down the boardwalk to the beach. Too many people but once on the beach, we were free. 😊

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      2. It has been great! Since I no longer have a job, we can go during the week when there are less people. We avoid the weekends now! The exact reason we live in Jacksonville. 🙂

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  2. I love gators. I have several hunting ones back home. Ah if only we could have predicted I would have brought them here LOL. You look like I need to grab my mask, come pick you up and go to the bank LOL 🙂 🙂 now get your panties off your face Jillybean 🙂

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    1. I need a filter. Sometimes I use two or three of these to make up for lack of filter. I also stay six feet apart even with mask. I’ve lost my mind with precaution.

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