Random Stuff

I have a new doctor!  Yay!!  In time of COVID after being kicked to the curb, I had to wait a bit but the time has come.  The practice sent a letter saying all former patients of (Dr. $$$$ is more important than you), call us.  My appointment isn’t until August only a month behind where I would’ve been seen.  With enough meds to carry me over, I’m feeling fine.  Relieved.  Grateful.

Maybe now I can get relief?  As I sit here with my heating pad for what feels like forever.  Doh!!!

I also hit 2000 healthy points which means Alpha level baby.  Earned 5% off my health insurance premiums.  I can keep going to 3000 points and win a water bottle.  That’s the bonus prize this year.  Not meaning to sound ungrateful (see above) but I don’t need another water bottle.  As it is, glasses fall out of my cabinet when I open the door.  We’ve reached our quota on water bottles and  other assorted drinkware (is that such a thing?).  Besides, they’ll never beat the back pack of 2019.

I’ll keep playing and collecting points.  I won’t have to order but will have the option.  I could always get it and re-gift it.  Pay it forward.  We shall see.

As always, more to come.